Name Alias Active Era Caption Manufacturer Image Comments
bats label 1 Yes 1925-1930 circa Hanna Batrite, "Bat Logo centerbrand" Hanna Batrite Earliest version of the Hanna Batrite centerbrand. To be considered professional model, knob has to be hand turned. Some bat logo centerbrands found with the 1930 Pat. Date on knob. These were transition year bats.
bats label 2 Yes 1930 circa Hanna Batrite, Athens, GA centerbrand Hanna Batrite Centerbrand found on 1930 and later Hanna Battrite bats. Found in conjunction with the Pat. 1930 knob stamp. Hand turned examples are the most desirable.
bats label 3 Yes 2004-2008 125, Louisville Slugger, Rock Hard Maple, M9 Louisville Slugger 125, Louisville Slugger, Louisville, Kentucky Made In USA within smaller oval. 'Rock Hard Maple' directly beneath the oval, 'M9' directly to the right of the oval, and 'Powerized' to the right of the 'M9' logo. TPX/MLB logos present along the back of the
bats label 4 Yes
bats label 5 Yes
bats label 6 Yes 2000- Mizuno Pro Limited Professional model Mizuno Traditional Mizuno centerbrand. Bat is dated by the phrase "Mizuno Pro Limited" with Professional stamped under player's name on barrel.
bats label 7 Yes 2001- Team Name Mizuno Pro Mizuno Mizuno bats from this label period are found with team name underneath player's name on barrel or the phrase Professional. Limited was dropped after Mizuno Pro.
bats label 8 Yes 2002- Mizuno Pro Limited with "Barbed Script" Mizuno Traditional Mizuno centerbrand. Circa 2002 the "Mizuno Pro" script found above players name on barrel end, changed to the barbed M and P. Found with the phrase "Professional" or the team name below player's on barrel end. Dropped the phrase "Limited".
bats label 9 Yes 2003- Mizuno Pro Limited with "Barbed Script" Mizuno Traditional Mizuno centerbrand. Circa 2003 exhibits the Mizuno Pro Limited with barbed M & P. Found with the phrase "Professional" below the block lettered player's name.
bats label 10 Yes 2004 - 06 Mizuno Pro Limited Mizuno Mizuno only centerbrand with script Mizuno Pro Limited along with block letter player's first & last name.
bats label 11 Yes 1983-1988 circa Earliest Version, Model 500T, Tennessee Thumper Worth Open letter "Worth" with Tennessee Thumper to right of centerbrand. This is the example of the centerbrand found on circa 1983-1988 Worth bats. Stylized "Hand Crafted", block letter "MODEL" near player's name on barrel. 2 uni-color handle ring stripes.
bats label 12 Yes 1988-1989 circa Solid lettered Worth Tennessee Thumper Worth Solid letter "Worth" with block "W" above centerbrand. Solid letter Tennessee Thumper. Model 500T appears under "Worth" centerbrand. Tennesse Thumper appears right of center label. Stylized "Hand Crafted", block letter "MODEL" near player's name on barre
bats label 13 Yes 1990-1991 circa Solid lettered Worth only with darked "W" logo Worth The phrase "Tennessee Thumper" & Model 500 T are removed from center label.
bats label 14 Yes 1992-1995 circa New logo Worth centerbrand Worth New font design for the Worth centerbrand. Barrel end still found with "Hand Crafted & Model" on barrel end.
bats label 15 Yes 2004 X bat centerbrand X Bat