Exceptionally rare Eddie Collins originally dating to the 1911-16 era. This early Collins bat would have been made during the 1911-16 era, and could have been used by Collins during any or all of those seasons. With the side written notation of “Chicago White Sox”, it was possibly used during the 1915-16 seasons, Collins first with the pale hose.

Eddie Collins signed his first endorsement contract with Louisville Slugger on 4/16/10. This model bat, with the 1911-16 center brand, would have been one of the first professional model signature bats supplied to Collins.

Game use is heavily concentrated above the barrel brand of this 34.5″, 35 ounce stick. In the area directly above the facsimile signature you can see signs of deeply embedded stitch marks, ball marks, and scattered cleat marks. The handle is scored and covered in an early resin mix, similar to modern day pine tar.

The center brand label is distinct and deeply defined, while the Collins’ facsimile signature stamping at the end of the barrel is lightly worn but is still very clear and legible. This bat originated directly from the H&B vaults and is clearly side written “Edw T. Collins – Chicago White Sox” on the back of the barrel in grease pencil. Remnants of the shipping label used to return the bat to the manufacturer are still visible on the front of the barrel. Handle is cracked (10”), which prompted Collins to return the bat to H&B for more models to be made. This is the earliest known Eddie Collins bat to enter the market.

Bat receives 5 points for matching known player factory records, 3 points for use, 2 points for side writing and loses 1 point for a light barrel stamping and .5 points for the handle crack resulting in a final grade of MEARS A8.5

As the earliest rookie era Collins bat known, this lot presents an extremely rare example for bat collectors to obtain the toughest of all Collins bats. Sold during 2005 for $37,700.

LOA Troy R. Kinunen / MEARS Auctions (V0218)

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