Evaluation Submissions

NOTE: Submission form is for inventory/shipping purposes only. Please see below for pricing.

Thank you for considering MEARS (Memorabilia Evaluation and Research Services). We are happy to announce we are accepting retail evaluations at our new corporate research center. The address is:

1234 Manitoba Street
South Milwaukee, WI 53172

Questions can be directed to:

Troy Kinunen c/o troy@mearsonline.com

All items submitted to MEARS for evaluation will appear at www.mearsonline.com in the bat/jersey trade index area of the member’s section. This will include items deemed “non gradable/unable to authenticate” due to inconsistencies in tagging, materials, contrived wear/usage, or other factors, which inhibit us from issuing a grade. In these occasions, a full online letter with our explanation in the form of a Current News Story will be made available to the general collecting public via the scrolling front page section of www.mearsonline.com. After the allotted time, the article will be archived in the members’ section of the site to serve as a permanent record of our opinion. This policy also applies to any item submitted to MEARS even if they are not found to be problematic. This policy and condition for submission applies to all items submitted to MEARS.

We realize this is a sensitive issue with respect to those individuals submitting items for evaluation, especially with respect to those that are found to be problematic. We would ask that anyone considering submitting an item understand this policy and ask any questions for clarification before submitting items.

I am submitting this item with full disclosure of its origin, history and condition with respect to use, wear, or alterations. I am not knowingly offering or representing something as game used that I purchased as game issued, team issued, or a retail/promotional offering. I understand that through the course of the evaluation performed by MEARS, I may be asked about the source of the item and history of ownership. MEARS reserves the right to no longer accept items from me or those that I have a business association with based on the submission of problematic items. In certain cases, MEARS reserves the right to turn the item and any and all information pertaining to it over to a law enforcement agency that has proper jurisdiction.

All information vital to the history/provenance, originality, authenticity, presence of alterations, and degree of wear or lack of therefore, should be presented to the evaluators at MEARS at the time of the authentication. In instances where this information is withheld or omitted at the initial time of evaluation and presented to MEARS at a later date, this information will be included in an amended LOO which will be updated at www.mearsonline.com. This new information will be included in the comment section of each letter and new information may affect a previously assigned grade. In these instances, MEARS is not responsible for any change of value this updated information may cause with respects to market values.


  • “The Price Upon Request” for Rare and Historically Significant items has been established for two reasons. First and foremost, for the benefit and protection of the collector. For these items, MEARS will provide an estimate in advance and the justification of the fee, as well as if MEARS feels it can adequately answer the questions surrounding the item in question. Secondly, MEARS has seen in the past two years that the fees charged for the level of work surrounding certain items does not cover the cost of time and material, especially if it involves travel for research or the purchase of references. Therefore, the cause of the updated fee schedule.
  • Pete Rose, Joe Jackson, Roger Maris, and Thurman Munson will be evaluated at the HOF rate.