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Per our consignor, his great grandfather attended a game during 1914 or 1915 at Comiskey Park and obtained this Eddie Collins bat as a gift. The family owned a farm in Middleton, WI, well within driving distance to Chicago and Comiskey Park. An avid baseball fan, his great grandfather kept this prize in the family for four generations. 

The facts are quite plausible and upon review, match the factual documentation of the bat. 

Dating: Per the handle stamp, “KORK GRIP Patented, Sept. 15, 1914, and the overall dating of the centerbrand, 1911-16, this bat would have been available for use by Collins for the following dates in Chicago at Comiskey Park: 

(Collins as member of the Athletics) 

September 24, 1914 

September 25, 1914 

September 26, 1914 

With the patent date of September 15th, it is possible this bat could have been shipped in time for Collins to use at the above mentioned games, but our consignor’s recollection does not support any specific game. 

During the 1915 season, Eddie Collins was traded to the Chicago White Sox and he appeared in 155 games. It is most likely the consignor obtained the bat during any of those home games at Comiskey Park. It cannot be ruled out that the bat was carried over and used in seasons after 1916 either. 

Bat current measures 35” and weighs 36 ounces. Early records do not list the lengths of Collins bats, but 35” is an acceptable length for the era. His bats were ordered weighing between 33-38 ounces, and this bat is consistent with his factory records. 

Kork Grip: Per MEARS research, it has been verified through records, photographs, and other examples of similar bats that Kork Gripped handled bats were used in the major leagues during the same relative period. 

Game Use: Bat exhibits heavy game use. Use can be found on both sides of the barrel, along with some light deadwood on the reverse. The Kork handle is intact, but worn. Presence of stitch / cleat marks. 

Final Grade (MEARS A8): Five points were assigned for bat matching known player dimensions for the era. 3 points were assigned for heavy use. The second hand provenance was noted, but no additional points were awarded.