Study of dated wire photos allows our evaluators to recognize details vital to the authentication of game worn memorabilia. First generation photos from the 1940s are often found with amazing detail and contrast. Just recently MEARS was able to add this 1944-dated photo to our reference library.

The shot depicted coach Curly Lambeau and Green Bay Packer Charlie Brock. The player via his uniform number was verified in the book, “Packers by the Numbers by John Maxymuk”. This is a must have for Packers researchers.

The shot shows Lambeau holding an official NFL game ball. The ball is white with black stripes. Charlie Brock is shown kneeling and the photo allows the viewer to examined the jersey and the helmet for the following features which can be used to evaluate jerseys:

This allows us to date game balls that are white in color with black stripes to circa 1944.


1. Use of crew neck, which was yellow in color. This can be verified as it matches the color of the shoulder yokes.

2. Jersey is long sleeve

3. Front numbers are serifed

4. The front numbers were tackle twill as the depth of the edging can be viewed in the photo

5. Packers wore light colored pants

6. Yoke was manufactured from a seperate piece of fabric and can be seen attached to the outline of the crew neck fabric

7. Shoulder yokes, crew neck, and numerals are all the same color

8. Since the image is dated, 1944, we can use this as a guide for the era when evaluating the year of issue for Green Bay Packers jerseys.


1. Helmet design typical of the 1940’s including winged head padding, ear padding, and numerous air holes.

2. PACKERS can be seen stamped on front head padding

3. Players used chin straps

Due to the unique close-up pose of the shot, this 1944 dated wire photo allowed MEARS to gain useful information to add to our archives and later use for the evaluation of vintage Green Bay Packers game worn equipment.


Troy R. Kinunen