If you know Dave Bushing like I know him, he had a great day today. A few hours ago he left the home of former Brooklyn Dodger’s outfielder George “Shotgun” Shuba with a few absolutely wonderful consignments for the April MEARS Auction. Included in this grouping are Shuba’s 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers home jersey and one of his 1955 World Series Bats.

This find and acquisition for the April auction highlights any number of things we feel very good about with respect to MEARS Auctions. First it helps to clarify Dave Bushing’s relationship with MEARS, that being one of a consigner and consignment consultant. Dave loves the travel and time spent with collectors and former athletes, but he can’t be everywhere at once. Over time, our plan is to develop an exclusive formal working relationship with a series of regionally based consignment consultants, just as we have with Dave Bushing. We are looking for a program that works to benefit consigners, collectors, the consigner consultant and MEARS Auctions. We are no hurry to fill these positions as we are not just looking for a name, or a face, or a mailbox in a region. We are looking for likeminded individuals who share the MEARS vision about acceptable and ethical business practices and customer service.

Secondly, it highlights the fact that with control of our own on-line presence, we can begin to promote items within hours of receiving a consignment. Our site logs thousands of page views every day and from over 30 countries around the world. If you’re worried that collectors won’t see or know about your item because it’s not in a glossy catalog or part of the “largest mailing list in the industry,” then ask the consigner of the 1923-1926 Babe Ruth 40 K cork gripped bat (actual sale price: $12,650.00) that went from submission to payment in under three weeks.

I will be looking at the 1955 Shuba jersey in the weeks to come and the evaluation of it will be covered as featured article. To Mr. Shuba, we say thank you for your trust and your confidence in MEARS Auctions. To those Brooklyn Dodger collectors we say, no more “Wait til Next Year”…The April auction is just around the corner. As with all MEARS Auctions, these items will be offered with No Hidden Reserves and No Shill bidding.

As always, collect what you enjoy and enjoy what you collect.


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