Recently MEARS was asked to evaluate a jersey worn by Paul Arizin with the Philadelphia Warriors. As a HOFer and top 50 player, Arizin jerseys are in high demand and authenticity and grade is crucial in determining value.

The keys to this evaluation were to determine what year the jersey was worn, was the style correct for the date, was the supplier correct for the jersey, and finally, was the size correct for what you would expect Arizin to have worn during the 1960s.

With that in mind, we were asked to evaluate the following:

“1961-62 Paul Arizin Philadelphia Warriors Road jersey (His final season)”


The evaluation started by determining the date. On a tag in the shirt was “42, 11, 61”. This code denotes size (42), player number (11), and finally year (61). Several reference sources confirmed Arizin’s final season was 1961.

Next, we had to verify if whether the style matched the tagged dating. Our review found the jersey was the blue style road pull over with square tail. Yellow/red/yellow piping trim the shoulder and neck. “PHIL” (front) and “11” (front and back) appear in red on white tackle twill.

Several available images confirmed this as the correct style worn during the 1961-62 season, illustrations provided.

Next, we had to determine whether or not we were seeing the correct supplier of Warriors jerseys during the era. We determined the jersey was supplied by the Pearson Company. The tag appeared to be all original.


The design of the tag reveals the Pearson tag was used in the NBA during the 1959-62 era (MEARS tagging database).

Other example of Pearson Warriors jerseys have entered the hobby and are used for comparison, they include:

1961-62 Tom Gola

1962 Wilt Chamberlain

Therefore, this jersey has the correct style of Pearson tag and has been verified as being used by the Warriors via comparison to other known examples.

Next, MEARS had to determine whether or not the size was correct for the player. On the outer tail on a vintage swatch is the embroidered size, player number, year tag. It reads, “42, 11, 61” which denotes size (42), player number, year. As stated above, the jersey was tagged as size 42.

To determine if the tagged size matched the actual jersey, MEARS took a chest measurement which was 20” across, which is consistent for a size 42 NBA jersey.

Size 42 was consistent with other Arizin jerseys that have entered the market. For comparison, we found the following:

1958 All Star, size 42

1956 All Star, size 42

1958-59 Warriors, size 42

Size 42 is correct for Arizin game worn jerseys during the era and is supported by additional examples that have entered the hobby.

The Arizin jersey has been compared to other known examples for examination of style, piping, numbering, and lettering. The Arizin jersey (MEARS #313013) compares favorably to:

Paul Arizin Trading Card

Wilt Chamberlain Sport Magazine

1961-62 Tom Gola Warriors jersey

With respect to font, style, and piping, the jersey compared quite favorably to the other known examples.

The jersey exhibits heavy game wear, consistent with a full season of use.

Final Grade MEARS A10: With manufacturer, style, sizing, etc all matching known examples, 10 base points were awarded to the grade. Examination reveals zero point deductions.

Regards, Troy R. Kinunen / MEARS

Additional Notes: A pair of satin trunks which are the correct style for the jersey is included with this lot. They are manufactured by Pearson and are tagged, “346116”. The original drawstring is included.