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Rings were awarded to the victors of Super Bowl II, and this lot represents a very rare opportunity to own a Super Bowl II ring which originated from the collection of a Green Bay Packer team member. One of the most coveted of Super Bowl rings; this offered ring is a supplemental which is nearly identical to the official ring awarded members of the Championship team. 

As a member of the Green Bay Packers, offensive lineman Bob Hyland was given a ring to celebrate the team’s 33-14 victory over the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl II, referred to at the time as the 2nd AFL-NFL World Championship Game. 

As a representative of the Josten’s company, Bob Hyland had an additional ring made specifically for him. It was ordered directly by him in 1979 and had a few unique customizations which separated it from the original team issue ring. 

Ring is crafted from 10K gold with “Green Bay Packers World Champions” engraved on the face around a green football shaped field highlighted by a row of three cubic zirconia’s. 

Left panel features the scores of their two Super Bowl triumphs engraved above a shield featuring a Packer helmet and a series of flags & crowns engraved with the years of their 1960’s era championship seasons while “Challenge” is engraved below the shield. Right panel features “Bob Hyland” engraved above an NFL AFL 50 crown & globe with “Run to win” engraved on the bottom. The ring remains in excellent condition. 

Originating directly from the collection of Bob Hyland, he has included a trio of autographed trading cards. A signed letter written by Hyland detailing the provenance of the ring is included with the lot. It reads as follows… 

“From the Desk of Bob Hyland 


Hi XXX, 

Thank you and congratulations for purchasing the Super Bowl II ring I had made by Josten’s when I was their representative here in Westchester County, NY. It is identical to my original ring except that it is 10K gold rather than 14K and has cubic zirconias rather than diamonds. It also has BOB HYLAND engraved on the side rather than HYLAND so I could tell the difference. 

I hope you find it to be a great addition to your sports memorabilia collection. All the best, (signed) Bob Hyland #50 GBP SB II.” (78F0392) 

Worn proudly, this ring originated from the personal collection (ordered in 1979) of Bob Hyland, a member of the Super Bowl 2 World Champions Green Bay Packers team. Now is your chance to own a ring which celebrates Super Bowl excellence.

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