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As Pete Rose was approaching baseball hit immortality, he predominately switched from H&B and almost exclusively used bats manufactured by the Mizuno Company. At some point after August 10th, 1981, when Pete Rose broke the National League hit record, he retired the Mizuno 3631 model (commemorating his career 3,631th hit, which broke Musial’s former record) and soon emblazed his next career model on the barrel of his bat. That number was 4000, which became the new model of his game used bats. Only Ty Cobb had amassed 4,000 hits, and Rose would gaze daily at the barrel of his bat as he moved steadily to the next milestone. 

On April 13th, 1984, Pete Rose registered the hit which raised his all-time total to 4,000. Shortly after, the PR4000 model was retired, as its purpose of motivation was no longer needed, and a new model was created. The next model, the 4192, was set as the benchmark to surpass the Ty Cobb (career hit total 4,191). The PR4000 model was never used again. 


Measuring 33 ½ inches and weighing 31 ounces, this bat is consistent with known Rose bats from the era. Examination reveals the presence of three sets of use traits that must be present on high grade Rose bats. They are: 

1. Ringlets of handle tape 

2. Pine tar application in mid-range of handle 

3. Cleaned surface above and below barrel 

Examination of Wire Images #81478377 & #81478375, verify that Mizuno was the correct supplier as evidenced by the center label, presence of handle tape ringlets, and the presence of pine tar. 

Finally, the factory applied “A” (ash) is factory stamped on the knob, along with a 14. Although it appears something was written underneath the 14 as applied to the knob of his bat, examination with a digital microscope reveals there is no other number or marking present. The black line appears to have been added at the factory for some unknown reason. 

Game use: The bat exhibits heavy game use, with even patina from knob to barrel end. The handle tape ringlets appear worn from continued use, with traces of worn pine tar and dirt patina. The pine tar is applied in a 10” area in the middle of the handle and consistent with other documents Rose bats from the era. 

Finally, the period autograph, simply signed, “Pete Rose”, serves as an additional form of authentication. Rose was known for providing his game used bats for various favors. The autograph is vintage and was signed at the time of the bat’s game use. 

Provenance: This bat originated from the collection of Vic Lapiner, a close associate of Rose. 

Grade: MEARS A10. A base grade of 5 points was awarded for the fact the bat was consistent with model, length, and weight for 1984 Rose bats, 3 points were awarded for optimal heavy game use, 2 points were awarded for combined player specific traits including ringlets of tape, vintage signature, document able 14 on knob, and overall heavy game use traits closely associated with Pete Rose.