LTC (R) MEARS Auth, LLC is the Senior Baseball Uniform Researcher and Evaluator at MEARS.  He has revolutionized the authentication industry through his introduction of standardized processes and worksheets based on creating and then leveraging data base information for various aspects and characteristics like sizing and tagging.   Grob also pioneered the application of imagery analysis techniques and the use of technology to asses fabric weave, quality and grade of a manufacturers product, and the detection of alterations and contrived use and wear in baseball uniforms.  An avid collector and researcher in his own right, Grob has authored hundreds of informative and “first of their” kind articles under the MEARS umbrella. His work in the area of the evaluation of baseball uniforms is without peer as he works from an extensive on hand library that includes hundreds of actual uniforms and fabric sample exemplars that spans from the early 20th century to date.  In addition, Grob’s efforts rely heavily on the use of primary source information that typically includes team publications and period newspapers.

Grob’s attention to detail and objectively compelling work have enabled collectors to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars on previously purchased problematic uniforms that were authenticated/offered by many of the “household” names or organizations throughout the industry.  Across the hobby, collectors and investors who are looking for “value added” authentication for their baseball uniforms, value and prize his work and opinions above all others. Grob’s services are exclusive to MEARS Authentications and to MEARS Auctions.