Last year, a team of three Uof W students finished the compilation of game worn items sold at just about every major auction house between 1985 -2007. They entered the data as to date sold, the auction house, page number, style (road or home), manufacture and size. This was then printed into books that allow items to be searched by team and or player. Of course, many of the items appear for sale more than once and there is no way to tell if each and every piece was 100% real but it did allow, at a glance, for one to look for patterns of makers and size. This list would constitute the majority of game worn items to enter the hobby via a public venue. Undoubtedly, there are items in private collections and obtained through private sale that are not included in this list but this is the most extensive list of available jerseys ever assembled and it took the team almost two years to enter all the data as retrieved from the hundreds of catalogs that include some of the still existing houses to some of the long gone businesses as well. By searching this book, we can go directly to the catalog source to see pictures and descriptions of each item sold. Following is the list of Brooklyn Dodgers jerseys that have entered the hobby in this manner beginning with the oldest example.

1913 Enos Kirkpatrick Road with Pants

1925 Wilbert Robinson Road with Pants

1926 Burleigh Grimes Home with Pants

1932 Frank Howard Home (not listed on 32 Roster)

1936 Walter Millies Home with Pants

1936 Walter Millies Road


1938 Babe Ruth Home with Pants

1938 Babe Ruth Road with Pants


1939 Hugh Casey Road

1939 Tony Lazzeri Home

1939 Babe Ruth Road with Pants (patch had to be added in 1939 as Ruth quit Brooklyn at end of 1938 season so uniform is probably a 1938 with patch change)

1939 Fred Sington Home

1939 Fred Sington Road


1940 Chuck Dressen Road

1940 John Hanson Road

1940’s BoBo Newsom Road

1940 Pee Wee Reese Home

1940’s Clyde Sukeforth Home

1940 Dixie Walker Home


1941 Dolph Camilli Home

1941 Hugh Casey Road

1941 Corriden Home (John?)

1941 Paul Waner Road


1942 J Peterman Home

1942 Pee Wee Reese Road


1943 Chuck Dressen Road

1943 Leo Durocher Road with Pants


1944 Augie Galan Road Satin with Pants

1944 Tom Sunkel Road


1945 Gil Hodges Home

1945 Clyde King Road


1946 Hugh Casey Road

1946 Carl Furillo Home

1946 Augie Galan with Pants (style not listed)

1946 Joe Medwick Home

1946 Stan Rojek Home

1946 Eddie Stanky Road


1947 Hank Behrman Road with Pants

1947 Clyde King Home

1947 Pete Reiser Home

1947 Jackie Robinson Home


1948 Roy Campanella Home with Pants

1948 Don Lund Home

1948 Don Padgett Home with Pants

1948 Joe Pignatano Home

1948 George Shuba Home with Pants

1948 Clyde Sukeforth Road

1948 Arky Vaughan Home


1949 Billy Cox Home with Pants

1949 Carl Erskine Home

1949 Joe Hatten Home with Pants

1949 Gil Hodges Home

1949 Gil Hodges Road

1949 Pee Wee Reese Home

1949 Jackie Robinson Road


1950’s Cal Abrams Road

1950 Roy Campanella Home

1950 Gene Hermanski Home

1950’s Johnny Padres Sample

1950 Pee Wee Reese Home

1950 Jackie Robinson Home


1951 Ralph Branca Home

1951 Rocky Bridges Home

1951 Roy Campanella Road

1951 Pee Wee Reese Home with Pants

1951 Preacher Roe Home

1951 Preacher Roe Road

1951 Jim Romano Home

1951 Jim Romano Training

1951 Jim Russell Home

1951 Johnny Schmitz Road

1951 Duke Snider Home

1951 Duke Snider Road

1951 Don Thompson Home


1952 Home #31 (no such number worn/listed in Baseball Almanac for regular season of 1952)

1952 Cal Abrams Home

1952 Joe Black Road

1952 Roger Craig Road

1952 Chuck Dressen Home

1952 Chuck Dressen Road

1952 Gil Hodges Home with Pants

1952 Mort Miller Home with Pants

1952 Bobby Morgan Home

1952 Erv Palica Home

1952 Clarence Podbelian Road

1952 Pee Wee Reese Road

1952 Pee Wee Reese Home

1952 Jackie Robinson Home

1952 Jim Romano Road

1952 Johnny Rutherford Home

1952 George Shuba Home

1952 Dick Tweed Home


1953 Spud Davis Road

1953 Billy Loes Road

1953 Johnny Padres Home

1953 Jackie Robinson Road

1953 Dick Tweed Home with Pants

1953 Ben Wade Home with Pants


1954 Don Bessent Home

1954 Roy Campanella Home

1954 Gil Hodges Home

1954 Clem Labine Road with Pants

1954 Bob Milliken Home

1954 Pee Wee Reese Road

1954 Ed Roebuck Road

1954 Don Thompson Home

1954 Don Zimmer Road


1955 Don Bessent Home

1955 Roger Craig Home with Pants

1955 Roger Craig Road with Pants

1955 Sandy Koufax Home

1955 Ed Roebuck Home

1955 Tim Thompson Road


1956 Walt Alston Home

1956 Walt Alston Road with Pants

1956 Bob Aspromonte Home

1956 Gino Cimoli Road

1956 Roger Craig Home

1956 Bob Darnell Home

1956 Don Drysdale Home

1956 Carl Erskine Home

1956 Carl Furillo Road

1956 Randy Jackson Home

1956 Sandy Koufax Home

1956 Dale Mitchell Home

1956 Gorge Shuba Home

1956 Don Zimmer Home


1957 Walt Alston (no style listed)

1957 Don Bessent Road

1957 Roy Campanella Home

1957 Gil Hodges Home

1957 Sandy Koufax Road

1957 Danny McDevitt Home

1957 Don Newcombe Home

1957 Pee Wee Reese Road

1957 John Roseborro Home

Notes on above list.

1. Alterations and originality of above are not confirmed

2. Pants without jerseys were not listed

3. Jackets were not listed

4. When pants are noted , it is not noted whether the pants were same player or year
5. Does not include private sales of which several other shirts are known such as the Leo Durocher Satin, etc. This includes most, but not all, of the major and minor auction catalogs from 1985-2007. We encourage others that may have a listed jersey not found on this list to write us with player, year, make and size and it will be added to this list. We would also encourage collectors that have shirts in their collection not on this list to also write us. We will continue to add to this list to get the most complete list ever compiled of Brooklyn Dodgers jerseys in the hobby.

6. Listed Manufacturers include Spalding, Rawlings, Wilson, MacGregor and MacGregor-Goldsmith.

7. Where one year and style are listed, there could have been two different examples of the same year and style (another set) . Since we would not know if the offered shirt was another set or a repeat sale/offering, we only listed the single year. The above list is solely intended to give you an idea as to what players and years were offered for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Number of Hall of Fame Examples (along with would/could be)

Babe Ruth 3

Wilber Robertson 1

Burliegh Grimes 1

Tony Lazzeri 1

Chuck Dressen 4

Pee Wee Reese 9

Paul Waner 1

Leo Durocher 1 (plus one private satin)

Joe Medwick 1

Jackie Robinson 5

Roy Campanella 5

Arky Vaughan 1

Duke Snider 2

Sandy Koufax 3

Walt Alston 3

Don Drysdale 1

Gil Hodges 6

Minimal total of all Brooklyn Dodgers jerseys offered for sale; 136

The above list is for Brooklyn Jerseys only, not Los Angeles (1958-present)

Until next time, David Bushing