Knowledge in the world of Collectibles is ever changing, and MEARS promises to be there as it does. Keeping up with change in the field of sports collectibles is not just an option with us, understanding and adapting to these changes through continuous education is our “POLICY” at MEARS.

Recently, MEARS staffers Troy Kinunen and Paul Tenpenny attended the AFDE Continuing Education Symposium in Tucson Arizona. (Association of Forensic Document Examiners).

Experts and Presenters from all across the nation gathered to share the latest in standards, methods, technology changes, legal questions and trends for 2007 and beyond.

The topics were varied and thought provoking, listed here are just a few of them.

“The Chemical and Physical Examination of Documents” by Al Lyter of Federal Forensic Associates Inc. Having a doctorate in analytical chemistry, he is a proven expert in the field with over 30 years of experience.

“Microscopic History of Inks and Their Characteristics” by Joe Barabe, Senior Research Microscopist of the McCrone Institute.

“Changes in paper types and Usages in recent years” by Walter Rantanen.
A Wood products Engineer with a specialization in Wood Anatomy.

“Handwriting comparison in the 21st Century” by Lynn Variano, a forensic Document Examiner with over 25 years experience in the field.

Especially interesting was the presentation of Forensic Scientist Robin Williams and his involvement with a Sports Memorabilia Fraud investigation involving Brett Favre Memorabilia. Conversations with Mr. Williams and fellow attendee Andrew Sulner of New York, revealed even more depth on this issue. Mr. Sulner is a Forensic Examiner who also was deeply involved with another infamous fraud case in the New York area in the late 1990’s.

Much of what was learned will be adapted and added to the MEARS process to insure that we will continue our leadership role in the field of Sports Collectibles.