What were people talking about at this time in 1972? Viet Nam, Nixon’s Visit to China and Double Knit Uniforms.

Oakland A’s:

San Mateo Times February 16th 1972. First of all, the uniforms are eye catching. A double-knit, polyester A’s version of the style worn by the Pittsburgh Pirates, among others, they look comfortable, relatively mod and should prove no problem outside the laundry. “Too much heat in a dryer.” Finley advised of his tailored creation,” and those things will shrink down to half their size. And if anyone gets hot cigarette ashes on them, they’ll melt like a pair of women’s hose.”

Oakland Times Tribune April 7th 1972. “You ought to see my office,” Finley said. “There are crates all over the place. “Our new uniforms from Italy were docked in Boston and were to be shipped to the White Sox park for our opener. I didn’t know what might happen because of the strike, so I had them rerouted to my office.”

Chicago Cubs:

Lawton Constitution May 4th 1972. “Fergie Jenkins hurled a six hitter to even his record at 2-2 but complained that the Cubs’ new uniforms cramped his style. “I was missing a lot of pitches I don’t usually miss,” he said, “but these new double-knit jerseys seem to grab me under the arm and restrict my delivery. I’m going to ask them to make the holes bigger on the right sleeve.”

Montreal Expos:

Cedar Rapids Gazette July 8th 1972. Describing the allergic reaction Expos Ken Singleton had to wool flannel. “The outfielder began carrying a notebook around with him everywhere he went to record what foods he ate. No luck. Four hours after the uniform went on, he broke out again. Finally, the obvious answer came—it must be the uniform. Last Sunday he sat for four hours in the Expos’ clubhouse wearing the new-style double knit uniform, a sample the Expos had made before deciding whether they might switch. He wore it, and didn’t break out this time.”

“However, he can’t wear it in a game because the pants do not fit. He is not even supposed to wear it because league rule dictate that uniforms must all be the same. “I think an exception will be made here until we finally make a move to the new knits,” says General Manager Jim Fanning. “The knits are more comfortable, harder to tear, easier to clean and cost almost half as much.”

California Angles and Texas Rangers:

Independent Press Telegram April 16th 1972. “Both the Angels and Rangers have gone mod, continuing the fast growing trend of stepping into double-knit uniforms. . .”

The San Francisco Giants:

Oakland Tribune March 13th 1972. “Juan even was pleased by the new double-knit uniforms the Giants will wear for home and possibly road games. “The double-knits,” he explained, “will stretch and make it easier when I kick high.” Not that Marichal didn’t kick high and handsomely yesterday, wearing the old fashioned uniform.”

The Milwaukee Brewers:

The Lowell Sun May 27th 1972. “BOSTON—The Milwaukee Brewers with their powder blue double-knit uniforms are in town at frantic Fenway Park to do battle with the Boston Red Sox last night. And if one would be interested in seeing a circus atmosphere, then by all means get down there to catch their act.”

The Minnesota Twins:

Stevens Point Daily Journal April 6th 1972. “ALL QUIET HERE. The uniforms were hung in the clubhouse with care . . . . but because of the players strike there will be no shout of “play ball” at Metropolitan Stadium in the Twin Cities, home of the American League Minnesota Twins. The team’s new double-knit uniforms are still awaiting their first game.”

The Cincinnati Reds:

Van Wert Times Bulletin March 13th 1972. “The Reds will also be wearing their new double-knit uniforms for the first time in the Opener.”

The San Diego Padres:

The Yuma Daily Sun February 27th 1972. “Baseball fans will get their first look at San Diego’s now gold double-knit uniforms today at noon as the annual Padres’ Picture Day gets under way at Desert Sun Stadium.”

The Philadelphia Phillies:

Bucks County Courier Times March 3rd 1972. “Wilson Sporting Goods representatives
were in camp, yesterday, measuring players for, and displaying the new double-knit uniforms.”

It seems that at a time when the season was in doubt, people were still concerned about what they would see in the form of uniforms. I only wish we had the same message boards and forums then as we do today to gauge fan opinions of the flannel fade away.

As always, collect what you enjoy and enjoy what you collect.


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