Although our firm is not as well known for our evaluations on game worn hockey jerseys, MEARS was able to apply the same methodology to the evaluation of this 1968-71 Gordie Howe Detroit Red Wings Game Worn road jersey, lot #1559 in the current REA auction.

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The core principals of establishing the correct tagging, manufacture, and player size was determined by comparison to additional period Red Wings and Gordie Howe jersey that have entered the hobby and mirrors the protocol applied by MEARS in our evaluations of jerseys from the other sports.

Comparison to available photos allowed us to examine what should and should not be present on a 1968-71 Red Wings jersey. Finally, the jersey was graded using the same criteria as our football, basketball, and baseball jerseys.

Based on the condition, game use, high grade, and favorable comparison to the available photo, I echo Rob Lifson’s sentiment that it is unlikely a finer Gordie Howe jersey exists. Final day of bidding for the REA event is May 1st, 2010.