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1975 Merlin Olsen Los Angeles Rams Home Jersey 

Issued as the home pullover, the blue mesh body shell has a miter cut “v” collar (mesh, not ribbed) that extends slightly past the top chest seam. Square cut tail. The armpits are made from a non-mesh elastic material that forms the yellow rams horn design which extends around the ¾” sleeve. 

The numerals are serif yellow applique, applied on the front, reverse, and sleeves. “OLSEN” appears in white block lettering, applique on blue mesh nameplate. 

The style, 1973-75, was verified as being correct for Olsen to have been issued during the era. During the 1972 season, the Rams wore blue shirts with white lettering. In 1973 they switched to the yellow design with a yellow collar and continued to wear this style through 1975. During the 1976 season, the collars became trimmed in blue. 

Manufacturer: Supplied by the Sand Knit Company, the style of tag was verified as being issued during the 1975 season (Courtesy of MEARS Tagging Database). 

This jersey was supplied with the WM Fredricks distributor tag. Other examples entering the hobby with the Fredricks tag include: 

1976-79 Rams
1974 Rams
1972-79 Rams
1976 Rams
1976-80 Rams 

Therefore, this style of Sand Knit tag in conjunction with the Fredricks dirstirbutor tag would be correct for the 1975 season. 

Dating 1975: Per the style of the shirt, 1973-75, and the design of the Sand Knit tag (first introduced in 1975), this shirt dates to the 1975 season. 

Size 52: Examples of Olsen jerseys that have entered the hobby have consistently been size 54. 

1973-74 (size 54)
1974 (size 54)
1976 (size 54) 

The fact the shirt is a size 52 does not automatically exclude it for consideration of game wear, and is noted as a deviation of size. 

Game Wear: Minimal wash and handling wear is present. 

Final Grade (MEARS A6) per the CAT V criteria, minus 4 points were subtracted for light wear.