Autographs Wanted for Consignment to MEARS Auctions

Starting in 2013, MEARS Auctions has begun to expand its Americana and Pop Culture division. We are in the beginning stages of opening a vintage military auction, and are planning on our 6th Pop Culture auction this year. To support this growing effort, I have conducted private autograph signings with many legends of TV and Movie. Stars we contracted with to date include Linda Harrison (Nova) “Planet of the Apes”, Richard Kiel (Jaws) “James Bond”, Barbara Eden “I Dream of Jeannie”, Entire 1974 Cast of “The Land of the Lost” (Wesley Eure, Kathy Coleman, Philip Paley, Spencer Milligan) Dan Haggerty “Grizzly Adams”, Baron Von Raschke “AWA Wrestling Legend”, Julie Adams “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, and several others. Additional signings are scheduled for the remainder of the year.

With the 7th installment of Star Wars scheduled to be released, I concluded that the cast of the original 1977 Star Wars franchise would make for great autograph guests. To date, I have contracted with Kenny Baker (R2D2) “Star Wars”, Anthony Forest “Storm Trooper and Victim of the Jedi Mind Trick”, and Laurie Goode “Storm Trooper – A New Hope”.

While doing my research to contact the actors, I found that most of the bit actors had very interesting background stories. We all remember Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, but 100’s of other talented actors provided memorable performances while bringing the galactic cast to life. One of my more memorable signings took place with Laurie Goode.

Goode played both a storm trooper, fictional soldiers from George Lucas’ Star Wars universe and a Saurin, the reptilian like creatures that were a Trandoshan subspecies who hailed from the planet Durkteel and appeared in the Cantina scene.

Star Wars fans are fanatical when it comes to the characters that appeared in the movie. Several unscrupulous actors over the years have tried to portray themselves as supporting actors in an attempt to appear and profit on the organized Star Wars autograph show circuit.

Actor Laurie Goode also came under attack several years ago. His name was not listed in the credits as a Saurin, or in the known surviving costume identification documents which listed actors which matched actors and wardrobe.In his own defense. Goode offered the following explanation, which has been collaborated in recent years. Goode stated… 

“These people appear to not understand the business. I was first a storm trooper, replacing the now deceased Peter Dukes. That was the first week of filming, so I just put on the costume that had Peter Duke’s name on. So my name would not have been shown on the costume listings for that week. The second week, I took this girl’s place in the cantina, so my name will not appear on the costume listings the second week. Why my name appears as a storm trooper, is because I went back on the film as one, in my own name, a few weeks later, 12/13 May 1976. Tell these people, they need to check the financial records, that must be archived somewhere, and my name will appear as someone who was paid on the dates the Cantina shots were filmed. I have them in my diary of that year, and they would match the filming schedules.

Anyhow, I remember other major things that occurred whilst filming the cantina sequence, but you’ll always get someone making accusations. I guess I could try and obtain the details myself, prove them wrong, and end up taken advantage of my disadvantage! I know Barbie Denham went out as Saurin, and I wanted to have a word with her about that, just to make sure she had her character right, but I’ve lost her phone number. Anyhow, she was definitely there.”

Goode recalled how he was both a storm trooper and a Saurin, and documented the fact how both costumes were worn by other actors during the filming. I found this quite interesting as the practice, albeit quite practical, is similar to how baseball uniforms were recycled for traded players, spring training call-ups, and minor league issue.

My dealings with him were pleasant. He was the consummate professional; making sure that all of my items were properly signed with special attention being given to make sure the proper pen was used. He struck me as a perfectionist.

The Cantina scene which featured Goode as a Saurin was one of the most memorable of the movie. This was the location where Hans Solo was confronted by Greedo, and had to shoot him from a strategically placed blaster that was hidden under the table. The Saurin character was a patron in the bar. Goode also filmed several scenes as a Storm trooper. For this signing, Laurie Goode signed:

(50) Laurie Goode Index Cards with Storm Trooper inscription

(50) Laurie Goode Index Cards with Saurin inscription

(214) Vintage Star Wars Cards

Each item was carefully signed in blue sharpie or white pen where applicable. When the items were returned from England, I was happy to report each were unsmudged and in near mint condition. I want to thank Laurie for participating in this private signing. Stay tuned for future reports from around the Galaxy.

Article by Troy R. Kinunen (414) 828-9990 or email