Become a Member

You will notice that we use the terms “member” and “benefits.” MEARS does this because of the medium in which we operate. Unlike conventional print media, a subscription to MEARS On-Line brings you interaction with the world wide collecting public in real time. You are a member of a group of collectors who are passionate about gathering and sharing information. Our site is designed to be as interactive as it is informative.

The benefits of this membership/subscription are designed to ensure both your time and money is well spent, thus leaving you more of both to devote to building your collection. They include:

  • The ability to place classified ads which are open to the general collecting public
  • Access to database and reference information gathered from tens of thousands of items and their photographs
  • The most current hobby news – faster reporting than print media
  • Full-length articles and editorials

To illustrate what this means is real cost savings, please consider this when assessing the value of a $40.00 annual subscription/membership.

  • An ad submitted by a collector targeted at other collectors in print media can cost over $60.00 for only one-week of exposure
  • If you submit only one item to MEARS for evaluation and the fee for that that item is $400, you have made back your membership/subscription fee
  • Access and use of the information on the MEARS site enables you to avoid making the purchase of a problematic item worth over $40.00, you will have made back your membership/subscription fee

You are under no obligation to subscribe at this time, but you must accept the user agreement terms set forth before you can proceed with membership enrollment. This is for your protection, so please take the time to go review user agreement. Your membership will automatically renew one year from your subscription date. Should you wish to terminate your membership, it is each subscriber’s responsibility to cancel membership prior to the next automatic rebill date. This can be done by contacting us via e-mail at

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