Vintage Authentics is very pleased to offer an actual authentic Super Bowl Championship Ring from the greatest team in football history, the 1972 Miami Dolphins. It’s an absolute honor to present this trophy piece symbolizing the NFL’s all time greatest team achievement, a perfect 17-0 record culminating with a Super Bowl victory over the Washington Redskins. This is not a replica or salesman sample, this is the real deal. The reason that there haven’t been public offerings of these ultra rare and desirable championship rings is because they simply don’t exist for sale. Most, if not all, members of the organization have chosen to hold this symbol of greatness in their own possession. This is a unique once in a lifetime opportunity to feel a part of the greatest team ever. If a 1927 Yankees Yankees ring were to go on the market you could bet it would fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for this beautiful piece of football history.

Miami Dolphins 1972 “extra” rings have on occassion surfaced through the past few decades but none until now have ever been offered which were originally issued to players, ownership, or principle front office personnel. According to sources within the Miami Dolphins organization, there were only 52 of the high quality 1 karat diamond championship rings produced for players, coaches and other key contributors deemed worthy by Dolphins management. There were a handful of others within the organization that had the option to buy a cheaper version for themselves but it’s estimated that only 5-10 chose to do so. This is only the 3rd genuine Dolphins Super Bowl Ring from the perfect season to hit be offered to hobbyists. There was Dolphin’s punter Billy Loftridge’s Super Bowl Ring that was auctioned in the late 1990’s for $35,000 as well as that of running back Mercury Morris that was sold for an undisclosed amount during the same era.

This gem, representing the greatest season ever recorded by an NFL team, comes from the estate of super scout Mike Rathet, who had as much to do with the success of the Dolphins as anyone associated with the team which is why he was hand picked to receive this treasure. Mike was a lead scout for Vince Lombardi prior to moving on to the Dolphins to work for another Hall of Fame coach in Don Shula. Rathet was a “behind the scenes” type of guy who was never one to flaunt his football prowess and success and therefore rarely ever wore the ring. For this reason, it remains in near flawless, immaculate condition.

The top of the ring leaves little to the imagination in terms of what the ring represents. A beautiful one karat diamond signifying the 17th victory on January 14, 1973 in Super Bowl VII is encircled by 16 diamond chips representing the other 16 wins of their unparalleled perfect season. “Rathet” appears on one side with the official Dolphins logo and “Winning Edge” mantra below. The opposite side has “Super Bowl VII”, “Dolphins 14 Redskins 7”, “17-0”, and “Perfect Season” all beautifully raised above the gold surface surrounding a perfectly intricate carved image of the Super Bowl Trophy. A more significant or cherished memento of the NFL’s greatest team simply could not exist. This is the first ring to surface in nearly a decade and has many Dolphin’s followers eager to own this piece of football immortality.
A truly rare and remarkable opportunity to own a championship ring from the greatest team in NFL history!