Not much here is the way of text, but I really wanted to share my new toy with you. I have been using a lighted magnifying lamp to do my work for some time, but have always found it lacking for two reasons. First of all was the level of magnification. Secondly was the inability to actually capture and record what I was seeing. All of that ended earlier today when my digital microscope arrived. The device is hand held with the option of either placing it in a stand, or in the case of fabrics, a device that holds the microscope directly over a fabric. Even better is the fact that it has a digital camera feature built in.

I purchase all my own references and resources, but have recommend to Troy that a couple of these be purchased for the new Conference and Research Center for both general MEARS use and use by collectors who wish to come by.

I have provided four comparative plates for your reference:

PLATE I: Use on vintage fabrics.

PLATE II: Use on bat graphics. This is particularly helpful with Adirondacks that you may suspect have been “touched up.”

PLATE III: Use on side writing.

PLATE IV: Use on fabrics when looking for signs of open seam holes.

The product I purchased was the Dino-Lite Digital Microscope, AM-311S. I opted to buy the portable stand as well. With express shipping, it came to a bit over $200.00 and I think it was money well spent, but that’s just me.

As always, collect what you enjoy and enjoy what you collect. If something in collection makes it way to me for evaluation, I now have a new toy that will enable me to enjoy the process all that much more.


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