Not much in the way of a full length article, but the Gehrig “Last Glove” research and evaluations have moved writing back in the queue so to speak. With that in mind, I think I will focus on “Pics” and “Picks” this week. This is a combination of pictures I have come across and or items that I have picked up for myself.

New York Yankees “Carryover” Uniforms (PLATE 1):

I have written about this in the past and referred to it in evaluations, but this week I came across a wonderful picture from spring training 1965 (23 February 1965) that shows exactly what I have been talking about. The image shows Yankee road jerseys tagged in the collar as being from 1964 and “64” hand written on the tails to identify and differentiate them from the new uniforms ordered for and worn in 1965. While the Yankees appear to have carried over a set for use in the next season, uniforms like this have been known to have stayed in team inventories for additional seasons for subsequent use in spring training as well.

The 1974 Houston Astros (PLATE 2):

Here we have a “pic” for a “pick”. A while back, I picked up a gorgeous 1974 Cesar Cedeno Houston Astros road uniform that did not have the Astrodome sleeve patch, nor were there any signs that one had ever been applied. I liked everything else I saw in the jersey and was comfortable with the source offering the jersey, so I pulled the trigger. What I found after some time of searching, was a great “pic” of Cedeno dated to the 1974 All Star game shows him in an Astros uniform without the patch for that year. I also recently picked up a 1972 Astros road jersey (Spalding) with patch. As such, I am looking to trade the Cedeno as I consider them the same style (for display purposes). So if you have 70s knits and want to swap, drop me a line.

Size Matters (PLATE 3):

I love “pics” like this because except in very rare cases do we actually know what size jerseys players actually wore. In most instances, we base opinions on comparative analysis with other uniforms as well as contemporary player height and weight data. Images like this also provide insights on how we should expect to see tagging reflected in the jerseys we come across. Here we have John Milner and John Matlack with the New York Mets in 1973.

John Milner: 6’, 185lbs (Size 40)

John Matlack: 6’,3”, 205lbs (size 44)

White Elephants and White Whales (PLATES 4-5):

I found a white whale this week to go with a white elephant in the form of an “Ultra Rare” 1950 Philadelphia A’s Connie Mack Golden Anniversary Patch. I bought a jersey without this patch back in 2009 and it has taken me this long to find the patch to put on it. In my opinion, these jerseys are some of the most attractive ever produced. The color scheme was intended to highlight Mack’s 50th year at the helm of the Athletics. The uniforms were manufactured by MacGregor/Mitchell & Ness. Counting this one, I know of only about a half dozen of these uniforms as being out there.

Spirit of 76 (PLATE 6):

Back in October of last year I wrote an article titled “The Spirit of 76.” That work addressed patches worn in the major leagues for the 1976 season and was in response to a question about the Detroit Tigers that year. I covered the patches worn by the National League (- the Expos), the Montreal Expos, Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians, Oakland A’s, Boston Red Sox, and Detroit Tigers. Recently I picked up a 1976 Tigers patch off E-Bay at what I thought was great price ($395) in a “Buy it Now/Make an Offer auction. At the time of the “Buy it Now” purchase, there had already been 5 offers on it so it’s not like this rare patch was not noticed. While I don’t have a jersey for this patch, items like this are just too rare to pass on at prices like this when they show up. They make for wonderful trading material and I love having the chance to own one for research purposes.

The All Star Game (PLATE 7):

Good buys on patches as of late. Picked up a great 1982 All Star Patch, one I have been looking for, for some time now. I had all but given up hope and had actually purchased a modern replica, but when it arrived, I just could not bring myself to have it sewn on my 1982 Expos Home (Terry Franconia), so I waited. Well worth the wait and I have enclosed a side by comparison for your reference.

About a year and half ago, I started a collection of knits that feature the All Star patch. These jerseys are from the team that hosted the All Star Game that year (starting in 1978). To date I have acquired:

1978 Padres

1979 Mariners

1980 Dodgers

1982 Expos

1983 White Sox

1984 Giants

1986 Astros

1987 A’s

1988 Reds

1991 Blue Jays

1992 Padres

1993 Orioles

1994 Pirates

1995 Rangers

1996 Phillies

1998 Rockies

1999 Red Sox

2005 Tigers

This past weekend I was at the MEARS Conference and Research Center and installed these uniforms as part of our All Star Game display. This display is intended to portray the history of the “Mid-Summer Classic”. This exhibit features uniforms, bats, player presentation items, and other artifacts related to the All Star Game. This has been a very enjoyable “collecting theme” and one I am looking to complete. If you have a common player jersey with All Star Game patch from a year/team that hosted the All Star Game and are looking to sell or trade, I’d love to hear from you. My most wanted are those from before 2000.

As always, collect what you enjoy and enjoy what you collect and I hope to see you at the National.


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