You will notice that we use the terms “member” and “benefits.” MEARS does this because of the medium in which we operate. Unlike conventional print media, a subscription to MEARS On-Line brings you interaction with the world wide collecting public in real time. You are a member of a group of collectors who are passionate about gathering and sharing information. Our site is designed to be as interactive as it is informative.

The benefits of this membership/subscription are designed to ensure both your time and money is well spent, thus leaving you more of both to devote to building your collection. They include:

  • The ability to place classified ads which are open to the general collecting public
  • Access to database and reference information gathered from tens of thousands of items and their photographs
  • The most current hobby news – faster reporting than print media
  • Full-length articles and editorials
  • An annual voucher worth 10% off on an individual submission (one item) to MEARS

To illustrate what this means is real cost savings, please consider this when assessing the value of a $40.00 annual subscription/membership.

  • An ad submitted by a collector targeted at other collectors in print media can cost over $60.00 for only one-week of exposure
  • If you submit only one item to MEARS for evaluation and the fee for that that item is $400, you have made back your membership/subscription fee
  • Access and use of the information on the MEARS site enables you to avoid making the purchase of a problematic item worth over $40.00, you will have made back your membership/subscription fee

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