Bulletin Board Policy

Rules and Policies for Posting on the MEARS Bulletin Board

MEARS provides the collecting public with an open forum to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of information in a responsible manner. While this function is made available to both subscribers and non-subscribers, the same rules and policies apply to all.

In order to post, you will have to:

Identify yourself, by name and provide a valid e-mail link. This ensures that there is a very real sense of accountability for what is stated. The e-mail link permits others to contact you for clarification or respond to you directly on issues that may not have the broad appeal of all forum members. Posts not made in this manner will be removed. Those that do not provide the required contact information will have those posts removed. If the problem continues, that IP address will be blocked.

In cases where you are pointing out something problematic about an item you have come across in the hobby, we ask that you state specifically what you believe is wrong with an item and how you arrived at your opinion. We ask that, whenever possible, you bring this information to the attention of the person offering the item and allow them 24 hours to respond to you before posting. Our intention is to create a fair, open forum free from slander.

No profanity or personal attacks will be permitted. This is not to say that you are not free to express your frustration with an individual or organization. It just needs to be done in a professional and adult manner. In cases where individuals cannot abide by these rules, the ability to post will be suspended for an initial period of 72 hours until further review. As this service is available to both subscribers and non-subscribers, the rules apply to all users.