For the past couple of years I have run an editorial that I like to think of as the “Naughty and Nice list.” This is an editorial piece so the thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. In order to end on a positive note, let’s get the naughty folks out of the way.

The Naughty List

“Shadow Fans”: I have always considered the shadow fans to be tops of my list. These are people who espouse a certain, often negative public perception of MEARS, yet spend a good deal of time either calling or e-mailing to have their questions answered by us.

“Selective Reformers”: This is the phase I apply to collectors who publicly advocate change and reform in “their hobby” and take industry personnel and organizations to task. However these same individuals continue to spend money with these “bad” individuals and organizations when they have the “item they can’t live without.”

Seller’s who have never heard of Webster’s Dictionary: The phrase is “Impeccable Source.” Webster’s defines impeccable as :

1 : not capable of sinning or liable to sin

2 : free from fault or blame

No where does the word impeccable imply anonymous. How about the ability of a buyer being able to evaluate this for himself.

Hobby Parrots: These people are closely related to the Shadow Fans… They contact you in private with questions, and then go public with the answers and information as if it were their very own.

Collector’s with Amnesia: These are the folks who I hear from either complaining or trying to pump me for information who seem to have forgotten what their name is. This is the only reason I can think of for why they would not identify themselves in their e-mails.

My focus was on collectors as they really are the ones who drive the economics of this industry. Be whoever you want to be and believe in anything you wish, just be as honest with yourself as you expect hobby/industry personnel and organizations to be about what they do and their reasons why.

Those on the 2007 Nice List:

Any collector or dealer who has taken the time to publish information about what they collect or sell. This does not count people who simply feed message boards and forums. Although this is very helpful, it’s just not the same in my book.

Rob Lifson and Robert Edwards Auctions. No double talk about policies and procedures. Willing to share information and a pleasure to work with. An industry leader.

Mike Heffner at Leland’s: Never a MEARS customer, but always an asset to the hobby.

Dave Miedema: Anyone who has taken the public beating he has, largely due to incomplete and inaccurate information, yet feels compelled to answers peoples questions and post information from a hospital bed truly loves this hobby.

Mrs. Vivian Carlson Atutis: A delightful woman who has been a refreshing person speak with in reference to my study of Adirondack bats. Mrs. Atutis served as Hal Schumacher’s Executive Secretary at Adirondack during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Dr. James A. Sherwood: Director of the Baseball Research Center; UMASS/Lowell for always having time to answer a bizarre question from a fellow Bearcat.

Marcus Sevier and Art Jaffe: For sharing information on early 20th Century bats.

Mr. Joe Petrole: For selling me my first two Home Run Derby Collection bats and for his cooperation with my Adirondack research.

Sports Artist Bill Purdom: For his commitment and excellence with respect to historically accurate renderings.

The Federal Government: For taking an interest in some of the problems and issues that have plagued this hobby/industry for years.

As far as wishes for the New Year and what it might hold…I think 2008 will the year that any number of people and organizations will finally get what they truly deserve….

Happy Holidays and as always, collect what you enjoy and enjoy what you collect…