Forty years ago Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and the New York Mets walked away with a World Series title. The Miracle Mets are one of those teams that collectors focus on much in the same way they do the 1955 Dodgers, 1961 Yankees or 1976 Reds. The game used items from this team are highly sought after and often pricey if you can even find them. Unlike the other teams mentioned, the 1969 Mets are a ball club that does not have a single position player enshrined in Cooperstown. Their lone representatives are pitchers Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan and coach Yogi Berra. Hopefully some day manager Gil Hodges will get the recognition he long deserves.

Unless you collect the 1969 Mets, any number of the everyday player’s names won’t jump out at you and this is what those who do are hoping for. The collector of the 69 Mets or those considering starting along these lines would certainly be looking for wood that could have been used during that season. For Hillerich and Bradsby products, bats from this time frame fall into roughly a four year window of 1969-1972 by markings and the Adirondack counter parts roughly a two year time frame of 1968-1970. I thought it might be helpful to assist those looking for year specific lumber of these long-time, loveable losers who attained legendary status in 1969. I don’t have information for every player on the 1969 roster, but here is what I do have for their H&B bat orders from the 1969 Season:

Tommy Agee

U1, 36”, 34oz

S2, 35”, 34oz

World Series: P89, 35”, 34oz

Don Cardwell

World Series: G69L, 36”, 34oz

Ed Charles

S44, 35”, 32oz

Donn Clendenon

G105, 35”-36”, 34-37oz

F2, 35”-36”, 34-36oz

Jerry Grote

S2, 35”, 33-34oz

M159, 35”, 34oz

World Series: M159, 35”, 34oz

Bud Harrilson

No bats shown for 1969 in his record

Cleon Jones

M110, 35”, 33oz

World Series: P89, 35”, 33oz

Ed Kranepool

K55, 35”, 33oz

E32, 35”, 35oz

P104, 35”, 35oz

World Series: E32, 35”, 35oz, P104, 35″, 35oz

Tug McGraw

World Series: W183, 35”, 36oz

Tom Seaver

World Series: S2, 35”, 34oz

Art Shamsky

World Series: P89, 34 ½”, 33oz

Ron Swoboda

G69L, 35”, 35oz

World Series: G69L, 35”, 35oz

Al Weis

K55, 35”, 32oz and 34oz

K55, 36”, 35 oz

World Series: K55, 35”, 34oz and K55 36”, 35oz

As far as the uniforms go, the 1969 Mets home jerseys were manufactured by Spalding and the roads by Wilson. There is a difference between the regular season and World Series jerseys in that the regular season issues feature only the 100th Anniversary patch while the World Series shirts feature both the 100th Anniversary patch and the traditional circular NY Skyline patch. I am more inclined to think the World Series uniforms are not regular season jerseys that they just decided to add and move patches around on, but that’s just me. Team jackets appear to have been provided by KM Pro.

It remains to be seen if lighting can strike twice in Queens some forty years apart, but then again that’s part of the magic of baseball and why we collect.

As always, collect what you enjoy and enjoy what you collect.


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