The article on the Babe Ruth jersey has been removed. The article contained images that I was informed that MEARS was not at liberty to use. The value of the article from an instructional standpoint is rendered useless without them. To leave the text up without the images is in my opinion of little value. My contention was that they could not be the same jersey based on the irregularities in the number of pinstripes and the shoulder pattern as simply taking in the side would not affect the areas I highlighted. Chris Ivy has since stated that:

“Here is what most certainly happened: The tailor cut the jersey on each side from the shoulder seam to the hem. The sleeves were removed from the pieces that were cut away. The sides of the thinner jersey were re-hemmed, and the sleeves re-attached to the narrower body.”

Since Heritage’s position is now that it was not simply a matter of “the side hems were tapered,” this does create a possibility and therefore I retract my statement that “…I feel it is impossible to say that they are the same jersey as there are clearly significant physical differences between the two….” Since Heritage has conceded that more was done to the jersey than simply taking in the side hems, I will concede to the possibility of their claim.

As I have stated previously, interested potential bidders should contact Heritage Auctions with their questions. It has never been my contention that this jersey is not an authentic Babe Ruth jersey nor do I have any reason to question the opinion of Dave Bushing. Since no qualifiers in the auction description acknowledge that the Dave Bushing letter never made any claim to this jersey being from the 1933 All Star Game, this also should be noted.