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Ultra rare May 17, 1902 official Annapolis vs. West Point baseball scorecard featuring Douglas MacArthur. Measuring 6”x7 ½”, this rare scorecard card, to our knowledge, is the only surviving MacArthur baseball related piece in the hobby. The game was described in great detail by an accompanying period newspaper clipping. 

The article stated, 

“A play most peculiar, considering the relative positions of the men who handle the ball, was seen in the West Point – Annapolis game last Saturday. Raudenbush of Annapolis sent a long drive straight to right field. MacArthur, the West Point right fielder, ran back after the ball and instead of it being fired in to the second baseman, first baseman, centerfielder, or somebody who would be on that side of the diamond for the relay, the first throw was taken by Zell, the left fielder, who had chased over from his position in a hurry. 

Zell was in deep right when he took the throw, MacArthur having chased the ball a long distance, but by a fling that would have done credit to a Wagner (Honus reference) he landed the ball squarely in the catcher’s hands and the batter was nipped at the gate. “ 

The article is quite insightful as the brilliance of his military mind was first noted by his exceptional baseball strategy exhibited during this game. 

The scorecard remains in excellent condition; with reside of scrapbook glue on reverse. The rest of the scorecard is completed with 9 innings of scoring. MacArthur appears to have batted 1-3 for the day in addition to the historic play.