August 29, 2007

The following information was gathered via the MEARS Jersey Grading and Authentication Worksheet, copyright 2005-07. Hologram #307070 was issued. Our methods of evaluation included the physical examination of the jersey, recording detailed information via the worksheet, comparing the information to our database, preparing full scale (1:1 ratio) color prints for examination, photographing of actual jersey for use for imagery analysis, conducting trend analysis with respect to sizing and manufacturer, using both a light table and magnified light source to examine possible signs of originality and/or alterations, and finally preparing the completed letter of opinion. The final Letter of Opinion was uploaded to our website and the jersey was included in our jersey trade index report.

Item inspected:1942 Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals Home jersey manufactured by Rawlings

MEARS authenticators Dave Bushing and Troy R. Kinunen conducted the physical examination of the jersey and the final Letter of Opinion was authored by Troy R.

Jersey Physical Description

The player inspected is Stan Musial, year 1942. The jersey was issued as a home version. The home issue is determined by the cream (white) color, which is in direct contrast to the grey road versions. The jersey is manufactured from a cream high-grade flannel material consistent with other Rawlings professional model jerseys from the era. The jersey is similar in consistency of materials to other examples of major league home jerseys we have examined. The closure style was constructed with a Talon zipper. The sleeves were manufactured as the raglan style, which is photographically documented as the correct style. They remain original as issued and have not been trimmed or altered. Other examples used for comparison of the above physical features are:

1942 Cardinals Home Harry Walker Lelands 05/02

1942 Cardinals Home White Mastro 11/98
1942 Cardinals Home Team Photo MEARS database

The inspection of these jerseys allowed us to examine material and tagging and this Rawlings manufactured jersey compared favorably.

Tagging Examination

The jersey is manufactured by Rawlings and tagged in the inside of the collar. The tag measures 1”x 2” and has a white field with black writing. The tag is sewn into the fold of the collar and the stitching does not show through the reverse of the jersey. The tag is the correct style used by Rawlings from 1938-45.

Also, for the specific year 1942, the style of the tag was consistent with other known authentic examples and can be verified via:

1942 Cardinals Home Harry Walker Lelands 05/02
1942 Cardinals Home White Mastro 11/98

These two examples allowed for us to determine that the Rawlings tagging was correct and consistent for a jersey manufactured for major league use during the 1942 season. The Rawlings tag was anchored with a white professional straight stitch. The tagging is original with no signs of tampering.


The jersey was issued without a size tag. This was standard on 1942 Cardinals home jersey and is verified via the above two referenced examples. Without an accompanying size tag, we had to take a chest measurement to verify size. The chest measured out at 22”, which would equate to a size 42/44. This is consistent with the tagged size 42 examples, which have entered the hobby.

Other examples of documented game worn Stan Musial jerseys supporting this size include:

MEARS Size Chart

1948 Musial Home Size 42
1949 Musial Home Size 42
1950 Musial Home Size 42

Therefore, it is established that size 42/44 is a correct size for Stan Musial jerseys from the period.

Player I.D.

The player identifier attributing this jersey to Stan Musial comes in the form of his name and year is chainstitched into the left front outer tail. A stylized “Stan Musial” measuring 1” x4.5” serves as the player I.D.. The name and year (1942) are applied in red thread. Below is the year, “42” applied in the same manner.

Team Crest Logo

The team crest is very prevalent on a 1942 Cardinals home jersey. The two birds on bat design is very iconic in its representation of the St. Louis Cardinals. Measuring 6”x14”, the cardinals crest is embroidered with red, black and yellow threading.

When examining the “Cardinals” crest logo on the light table, it was determined the logo is all original with no signs of tampering. Slight puckering and wear to the threaded embroidery can be seen. Wear/Puckering is a very positive and desirable trait that indicates the crest is all original and placed there at the time of original issuance. When a jersey has been restored, the puckering effect is lost. Due to the massive amount of threads needed to create the Cardinals effect, it would be quite easy to see if the logo had been altered or removed/replaced. Examination with both the light table and magnified light source along with a visual examination of both the front and reverse confirms the logo to be all original.


Musial’s number 6 appears on the reverse of the jersey. The number is correct as assigned to Stan Musial for the 1942 season as verified by
The number is red on black heavy felt and measures 4.5” x 6 ¾”. The number is professional applied with a black single straight stitch. When examined on the light table, no signs of another number are present, thus establishing the number was original as issued.


On the left sleeve is the Health patch. The patch was universally used during the 1942 season and should be present on 1942 Cardinals Home Jerseys. The existence of the patch can also be verified via:

Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century
1942 Cardinals Team photo
1942 Cardinals Home photo (MEARS database)

The patch appears all original with no signs of removal or re-application.

Tail Cut

Another feature of this jersey is the rounded tail, which is hemmed with a reinforced seam. This is consistent with the two other referenced 1942 Cardinals Home jerseys.


Currently, there is no autograph present


The jersey exhibits heavy and even wear. The wear is consistent with the amount expected to be found on a jersey issued to be worn during one season. There is no evidence of fading. The fabric does show even wear, but there are no signs of overuse, no thinning, or no holes. Overuse, thinning, and extreme holes are typically associated with jerseys being sent to the minor leagues, this jersey exhibits no signs consistent with minor league use. The jersey does exhibit some age spotting and one vintage repair on the left sleeve. Therefore, this jersey is in the same condition as last used at the professional level.


Our physical examination of the jersey included inspection of the Cardinals crest logo, the Rawlings manufacturers tag, zipper, application and originality of the number 6, examination of wear, and inspection of alterations. Based on the total evaluation of the jersey presented to MEARS, certification number #307070, MEARS is confident to state this is an all original, properly tagged, styled, and numbered 1942 Cardinals home Stan Musial jersey exhibiting heavy game wear.


Troy R. Kinunen
MEARS Authenticator