Lot #4, September 21st – 29th, MEARS Online Auction,


On August 12, 1957, Sports Illustrated published the following headlines and article,

“Murder With A Blunt Instrument”

The tag line of the article read, “The culprit is Hank Aaron, chief pennant hope of the Milwaukee Braves,
who has been called the killer of all pitchers. At 23, ‘Mr. Wrists’ is the league’s best right-handed hitter
since Hornsby.” Once the season was complete, Hank Aaron used this bat to lead the Milwaukee Braves
to the city’s first World Championship.

For this lot, one lucky bidder can win the blunt instrument referenced in the article. Recently discovered
in Milwaukee, WI, this bat has remained in a long time collection where its historic significance was
unknown until the recent MEARS evaluation. To date, this is the only 1957 (exclusive) Hank Aaron bat
examined by MEARS.

Examination reveals this bat (A93 model) was manufactured during the 1950-60 time span and dated to
1957 only via H&B records. The bat currently measures 35” in length and weighs 34 ounces. Review of
Hank Aaron’s personal H&B Louisville Slugger bat records recorded the following:

A93 Model

5-20-57 (one order only, A93 model, 35”, 34 ounce, 4 ash bats)

This is the only order recorded in Hank Aaron’s personal bat records matching these specifications and is
dated to the 1957 season ONLY.

With the bat being documented as matching 1957 factory records, MEARS examined the game use traits.
Much like his no bells and whistles style of play, Hank Aaron’s game used 1950s bats were examples
of the bare essentials. During the mid 1950s, examined Hank Aaron game used bats were sans uniform
numbers, pine tar, or tape. Hank liked it simple and this bat mirrored those personal tastes.

Game use is determined as heavy. In the area above the barrel facsimile signature are dozens of light
ball marks and deep baseball seam impressions that have penetrated the wood grain. Scattered ball and
seam marks are also found below the bat barrel. The heavy use is consistent with an extended period of
game use (many games and series) and was undoubtedly used to achieve the 198 hits, 132 RBI’s, and
44 HR’s that contributed to Hank Aaron’s 1957 MVP season. Two sets of distinct bat racks marks are
present, blue (County Stadium) and red. This supports the extended use of the bat and the fact it traveled
on at least one road series. Remnants of removed handle tape are present which was most likely not
applied by Aaron.

Final Grade (MEARS A7.5). Base grade of 5 points were awarded for bat matching factory records,
3 points for heavy game use, plus ½ point for bat matching pinpoint factory record, minus 1 point for
removed handle tape and small chip under Hank Aaron’s name on barrel.

Hank Aaron and his accomplishments during the 1957 will never be forgotten, and the fans of Milwaukee
will always be grateful that “The Hammer” brought the only Championship to this city. This lot represents
a direct link to that great 1957 season. (X0383) LOA Troy R. Kinunen / MEARS Auctions

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