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MEARS Auth, LLC’s Comments and Working Notes for

1964 Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds Home Jersey

Size: The jersey is tagged as and measures as a size 44. This was confirmed both through measurement across the chest and comparing it with period on hand MacGregor vest style products in sizes 40, 42, 44, and 46. The size is also appropriate and consistent with period sizing data for Pete Rose from the 1964 Cincinnati Reds Yearbook which lists him at 5’, 11”; 192lbs. A size 44 is also consistent with period exemplar Rose vests in my data base. As such, I would consider this to be an appropriate sized garment for Pete Rose at this point in his career. (PLATE I)

Manufacturers Tagging: The jersey features a c1961-1967 MacGregor manufacturers tag (green rectangular version) and supplemental tagging for year/set as well as tagging for laundry instructions. All of this is assessed as being original to the garment and consistent with both period on hand as well as data base examples of Cincinnati Reds vest products provided by MacGregor. As such I would offer that this is a properly tagged garment. (PLATE II)

Construction/Style: The jersey is constructed of a lighter weight wool flannel blend and is consistent by quality and weave as other period MacGregor uniforms in my on hand exemplar library. Fabric weight is estimated as the 4 ½ oz style. For the purpose of comparative analysis, this jersey was examined with and compared to a 1964 Cincinnati Reds home vest provided my MacGregor in my on hand exemplar library. The jersey was found to compare favorably without exception. This includes the presence of the player name “ROSE” directly applied in arch under the number 14 on the back of the jersey. 1964 was the first year the Cincinnati Reds added names to the rear of their jerseys. While this was also done with the road jerseys, the road applique was done in single fabric navy blue. This has been done in red over navy, the same color scheme and fabrics as the numbering. (PLATES III-VI)

Use/Wear: The jersey shows signs of moderate use and wear. Wear to the twill fabric used for the lettering and numbering is even and consistent. All seven buttons remain firmly affixed. The garment is assessed as being all original without any signs of alteration or restoration. At the time of my evaluation, there was no autograph or writing on the jersey.

Non-Grade Related Commentary: The Cincinnati Reds, as with most ball clubs of this time frame, conducted spring training in uniforms worn during previous seasons. This being the case, we should have expected this offered uniform to have been worn by Rose during spring training of 1965. It is worth noting that the Cincinnati Reds would also typically take uniforms in sizes 44 and larger and remove names and numbers, then reissue them to spring training invitees. This second point is brought up to underscore how rare it is to find any Cincinnati Reds vest style uniform in all original condition. This uniform was obviously spared and appears in fact to be the same one Rose can be seen wearing in an image dated to 1 March 1965. (PLATE VII)

Supporting Imagery Analysis

PLATE VIII: Alignment of numerals on the pinstripe pattern.

PLATE IX: (1) Pinstriping and button line; (2) Crest alignment with button line, pinstripes; (3) Pinstripes with the navy soutahce on the left arm opening.

PLATE X: Pinstripe canting caused by sewing of the collar seam construction.

Opinion: In my opinion this jersey possesses all the characteristics you would expect to see in a jersey supplied by MacGregor in 1964 for home use and wear by Pete Rose. The jersey is all original and compares favorably with period images and period on hand MacGregor Cincinnati Reds home vest exemplars and fabrics. It is assessed as being all original, without any apparent signs of alteration or contrived use and wear.

The MEARS worksheet and grading criteria provides for 5 categories for which points may deducted, I found no reasons to deduct points.

As such, the final grade for this jersey bearing hologram #313337 is A10.



Enclosures: PLATES I-X