Lot #35, September 21st – 29th, MEARS Online Auction,


The Braves provided the city of Milwaukee and all of Wisconsin many fond baseball moments. From the
team’s arrival in 1953 which drew 3,000,000+ fans, the 1955 All Star Game, and the 1957 World Series
Championship, the state was blessed with quality baseball. But with an aging roster and sagging
attendance, almost in the dark of night the team decided to move to Atlanta.

All good things come to an end.

This 1965 Milwaukee Braves home jersey is representative of Hank Aaron’s final season as a Milwaukee
Braves, and the franchise demise. It is also a permanent representation of the finest moments in
Milwaukee Baseball history.

When Aaron returned from the player’s tunnel back into the lock room, it was the last time Milwaukee fans
would ever see the Braves play again.

Fortunately, Aaron’s career did not end. He moved onto Atlanta and soon passed Babe Ruth to become
the games all time homerun king, but to local fans, Hank will always be a Milwaukee Braves.

Presented in this lot is a perfect MEARS A10 example of a 1965 Hank Aaron Milwaukee Braves Home
Game Worn Jersey, worn during his final season in Milwaukee.

Style: During the 1963 season, the team dropped the tomahawk and opted for a cleaner front design.
This style was continued through the team’s final 1965 season. It represented the teams third and final
design change, which started with the Boston Braves style Indian with tomahawk, followed by laughing
Braves Indians with tomahawk, and this final design.

As a 7 button down front (all original), the Braves laughing Indian patch is found on the left sleeve.
Examination indicates the patch is original and unaltered. “BRAVES” is sewn with double satin tackle twill
on the front, and is all original. Matching uniform numbers “44” appear on both the front and reverse, and
are all original with no restoration. Examination was completed with a magnified light source and use of a
light table. A black light was used to look for the introduction of foreign materials, none were found. A
navy braided soutache completes the style.

Manufactured by Wilson, the style of tag and supplier was verified as being correct for 1965 Milwaukee
Braves. The Wilson tag, red line, three lines of cleaning instructions, is correct for the era (1958-66,
Grob). Additional examples of 1965 Wilson Braves jerseys include:

1965 Gene Oliver (Home)

1965 Rico Carty (Home)

1965 Felipe Alou (Home)

Therefore, the style of tag is verified as being correct, along with Wilson being verified as a correct
manufactured when compared to other known examples that have entered the population.

Size 40

Comparison to other examples of Hank Aaron jerseys that have entered the population were used for

1966 MacGregor Road size 40

1972 Sand Knit Road size 40

1954 Wilson Road Size 40

These examples support the size 40 as correct for Aaron during various spans of his playing career.

The player, year, and set identifier are found in the jersey collar. Sewn on a swatch that does not extend
through the fold of the neck is “Aaron H (player), 65 (year) Set 1”.

This identification compares favorably to the Gene Oliver example examined by MEARS, which appears

“Oliver, 65, Set 1”.

Game Wear: Jersey exhibits optimal game wear, with no signs of abuse. Wear is evenly distributed
throughout the inner and outer body shell, causing consistent and visible wear to the fabric. The team
name “BRAVES” and the front and reverse numerals show heavy puckering, yet all anchor stitching
remains intact. The soutache shows lighting fraying to the outer fabric, but remains complete with no
breaks. There are no tears, repairs, or noticeable stains.

Pants: A period pair of Wilson supplied game worn Milwaukee Braves pants accompany this lot. The
1958-66 era Wilson tag is found in the inner waist. Written in black marker is, “16, Guinn”. The pants are
in very good condition, with one belt loop broken. The zipper is in working order.

Autograph: The jersey is signed in large black marker, Hank Aaron. A certificate from the actual signing is
included, along with a letter from JSA.

Final Grade (MEARS A10): Based on all available categories used for evaluation, manufacturer, style,
size, numbering, and use, the jersey is awarded 10 base points. Zero deductions were found. LOA Troy
R. Kinunen / MEARS Auctions (X0437)

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