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MEARS Auth, LLC’s Comments and Working Notes for:
1981 Mike Schmidt Philadelphia Phillies Road Jersey 

Size: The jersey is tagged as and measures as a size 46. This was confirmed both through measurement across the chest and comparing it with period on hand Wilson style products in sizes 44 and 46. The size is also appropriate and consistent with period sizing data for Mike Schmidt from the 1981 Street & Smith Baseball Annual which lists him at 6’, 2”; 203lbs. A size 46 is also consistent with period exemplar Schmidt jerseys in my data base: 

1980 Home; Wilson: size 46
1980 Road; Wilson: size 46 

As such, I would consider this to be an appropriate sized garment for Mike Schmidt at this point in his career. 

Manufacturers Tagging: The jersey features a c1978-1985 Wilson manufacturers’ in the lower left front of the jersey. In proximity to this is a year/set swatch (81 1). All of this is assessed as being original to the garment and is consistent with 1981 Phillies road jerseys in my data base with respect to materials, placement, and applique. (PLATE I) Supplemental tagging for player identification is found in the form of a knit swatch with SCHMIDT chain stitched on it. This tag has only been sewn through the first layer of material in the collar and this is appropriate. Phillies star jerseys (Schmidt, Rose, & Carlton) are some of the most faked uniforms of this period. This is due to the availability of product that was either offered for retail sale or altered minor league product from Phillies minor league affiliates. With these faked jerseys, it is typical to find that the collar area has been opened up post manufacturer to accommodate adding this tag. In the case of this jersey, the stitch-line both above and below the swatch was examined in detail for signs of breaks and or thread changes. During the course of my inspection I found nothing to suggest that the collar area had been tampered with and as such, I believe this tagging is in fact original to the jersey. Based on the above information I would offer that this is a properly tagged a 1981 Phillies road jersey. 

Construction/Style: Jersey features a small tong Talon brand jersey and this is assessed as being original to the jersey and appropriate by manufacturer, style, and color. The inner collar area features a silk like liner and this too is appropriate for Phillies uniforms of this period as well. The name on the back of the jersey is affixed via a plate and the construction of the plate as well as length and placement is consistent with period images. The construction of the name plate is also something often found askew in faked or contrived jerseys (length of plate fabric outside the lettering). This was not the case with this offered jersey. The front features the numeral 20 as well as the duel color twill “P” Phillies logo and the size, style and placement of these identifies is also consistent with period images as well. (PLATES II-IV) The jersey does feature one custom addition, that being a button and elastic closure loop in the front tail. This is something I would not have expected to have found in a retail or minor league jersey. 

Use/Wear: The jersey shows signs of moderate to heavy use and wear. Wear to the twill fabric used for the lettering and numbering is even and consistent. The garment is assessed as being all original without any signs of alteration or restoration. At the time of my evaluation, the jersey featured an autograph and inscription in the lower left front tail that reads “Mike Schmidt 1980 W.S. Champ”. I offer no opinion on the autograph, but only note its presence at the time of my evaluation. 

Non-Grade Related Commentary: The jersey dates to 1981 and Mike Schmidt’s second consecutive National League MVP season. Schmidt led the National League in runs (78), home runs (31) and RBIs (91). While these are lower numbers as compared to Schmidt’s 1980 MVP season, it must be remembered that the 1981 season was shortened by a players strike. As such, Schmidt only appeared in 102 of the Phillies 107 games. 

Opinion: In my opinion this jersey possesses all the characteristics you would expect to see in a jersey supplied by Wilson in 1981 for road use and wear by Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies. The jersey is all original and compares favorably with period images and period on hand Wilson products, period images, and data base exemplars and fabrics. It is assessed as being all original, without any apparent signs of alteration or contrived use and wear. 

The MEARS worksheet and grading criteria provides for 5 categories for which points may deducted, I found no reasons to deduct points. 

As such, the final grade for this jersey bearing hologram #313341 is A10. 

Enclosures: PLATES I-IV