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The 1991-1992 season ended with the Chicago Bulls winning their second-straight NBA Championship, beating the Portland Trail Blazers 4 games to 2 in the NBA Finals. Michael Jordan was now emerging into the greatest player of all time, and this shirt memorialized the transformation. The success on the court was overshadowed by the loss of a beloved family member.

Sheri Berto was the longtime assistant to Jerry Reinsdorf. In 1991 she died from complications of routine surgery. Reinsdorf called her sudden and shocking death his life’s “only tragedy.” To honor her memory, the team wore a black memorial shoulder band on their jerseys for the remainder of the season.

Reinsdorf didn’t turn away from tragedy; he gave himself a constant reminder of it. The Bulls had broken ground on a new practice facility one month before Berto’s death, and when it was completed a year later, Reinsdorf named it the Sheri L. Berto Center to honor the woman who had been by his side for 17 years. This shirt is a fitting memory to Sheri L. Berto, the compassion of Jerry Reinsdorf, and the impact she had on the Chicago Bulls players and front office. This lot represents a very significant moment in Chicago Bulls history. MEARS has completed a full evaluation, our results: 

Style: Jersey is issued as the home white mesh pull over. The neck and arm openings are trimmed with red, black and white ribbing. The NBA logo is found on the left upper chest. The team name “BULLS”, “23” front/reverse, and “JORDAN” (red applique) is found on the reverse of the jersey. 

Supplier: Champion is the documented supplier of Bulls jerseys for the 1991-92 season. Other examples that have entered the hobby include: 

1991 Home (Champion) Jordan
1991 Road (Champion) Jordan
1991 Home (Champion) Pippen 
1991 Road (Champion) Jordan MEARS #313867

Size 46: On an additional Champion tag is the size 46 tag. Actual chest measurement verifies that the jersey does indeed match the tagged size. Jordan was verified as wearing size 46 during the 1991 season as evidenced by the following examples compared by MEARS: 

1991 Home (Champion) Jordan
1991 Road (Champion) Jordan
1991 Home (Champion) Jordan 
1991-92 Home (Champion) Jordan<

Therefore, size 46 was confirmed as being correct for Michael Jordan during the 1991-92 season.

Black Memorial Shoulder Band: On the left front shoulder is a black memorial band. It was worn in honor of Chicago Bulls employee Sheri Berto who passed away on November 23rd, 1991. Starting approximately November 30th, 1991, the Chicago Bulls wore the black applique left shoulder band from December to June, 1992. 

Game Wear: Jersey exhibits moderate game wear with noted additional signs of wear. 

Final Grade (MEARS A10): The jersey was compared to the criteria set forth in the 5 categories on the MEARS worksheet: Based on the merits of the actual jersey with respects to manufacturers characteristics, game wear, availability of non-game worn jerseys on the market (with 25 years of data, pro cuts and replicas have not been seen of this style of shirt) MEARS awarded this shirt an A10 grade.

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