As in years past, 2013 was an extremely good year for the MEARS Museum and Exemplar Library collection. Funded with the revenues generated from authentication/evaluation submissions, over $100,000 was spent acquiring exemplars and artifacts to support the MEARS mission.  Additional monies were allocated to build and enhance the actual displays. Acrylic jersey holders, risers, pedestal bases, slat wall hooks, and mannequins of different sizes were installed which aided in the positioning of the artifacts within the MEARS museum display cases to maximize visibility and displayability.

Finally, graphics, story boards, and labels completed the 2013 budget for museum acquisitions. While folks may question why so much is continually spent, the answer is simple…It just makes sense.

Since MEARS Auctions is an ever growing outlet among collectors around the nation and around the globe in obtaining sports memorabilia, having access to the largest on-hand uniform exemplar library continues to allow MEARS to do work at a level that is peerless in the industry.  Obtaining uniforms and other artifacts for display purposes also supports our ability and desire to help collectors envision and build their own collections. The artifacts, while on display at the museum or at shows serves as a unique and personal way to promote both evaluation and auction services through personal 3-dimensional market specific advertising.

It is important for MEARS Auctions to continue to provide quality evaluations. The following items were gathered with the sole intention to support a single evaluation, or have an on hand example to support a single submission.

Some of the highlights acquired in 2013 include:

 Uniform Exemplar Library Additions

 -1927/1928 Cleveland Indians Home Uniform (team and Spalding manufacturer’s exemplar; only known example)

 -1928 St. Louis Browns Road Jersey (team and early Rawlings manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1936 St. Louis Cardinals Road Jersey (team and Rawlings manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1937 Cincinnati Reds Home jersey (team and manufacturers Spalding exemplar)

 -1937 Philadelphia Phillies Home Jersey (team and Spalding manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1938 Chicago Cubs Home Uniform (team and manufacturers Spalding exemplar)

 -1938 Pittsburgh Pirates Road Jersey (team and Spalding manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1941 Cincinnati Reds Road Jersey (team and Goldsmith manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1941 Cincinnati Reds Home Jersey (team and Goldsmith manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1942 New York Yankees Road Jersey (team and Wilson manufacturer’s exemplar; HEALTH patch)

 -1943 White Sox Home Jersey (team and Goldsmith manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1945-1949 circa St. Louis Browns Team Jacket

 -1946 Pittsburgh Pirates Road Jersey (team and Macgregor-Goldsmith manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1950 circa Philadelphia Phillies Team Jacket

 -1950 Cleveland Indians Team Jacket

 -1952 St. Louis Browns Home Jersey (team and Rawlings manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1955 Cincinnati Reds Jacket (team and Macgregor manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1956 Detroit Tigers Road Jersey (team and Macgregor-Goldsmith manufacturer’s exemplar)

 -1956 Washington Nationals Home Jersey

 -1956 St. Louis Cardinals Prototype Jersey

 -1960 circa New York Yankees Team Jacket

 -1961 Washington Senators Home Jersey

-1963 Los Angeles Dodgers Home Uniform (Complete) (team and Spalding manufacturer’s exemplar)

-1964 Cincinnati Reds Home Jersey (team and Macgregor manufacturer’s exemplar)

-1981 Los Angeles Dodgers Home Jersey (team and Goodman & Sons manufacturer’s exemplar; Olympic patch)

-Extensive patch collection

 Museum Display/Reference Artifacts

-1927 Spalding Catalog (Babe Ruth Cover)

-1928 Cardinals World Series Train Menu

-1930s Dizzy/Daffy Dean Youth Baseball Uniform (Boxed Set; Complete)

-1930s Babe Ruth Underwear Box

-1940s Tiger Stadium Coca-Cola Vendors Tub

-1940s Shibe Park Hot Dog Vendors Warmer

-1947 Brooklyn Dodgers National League Champions Banner

-1948 Don Bankhead Players Contract

-Pre 1954 Sportsman Park Seat

-1970s Philadelphia Phillies Usherette’s Uniform

In 2014, the MEARS Museum is looking to expand our major league collection (pre-1960s).  If you have jackets and are looking for top dollar and quick payment, please contact MEARS Auth, LLC, the curator of collections at:

With respect to these jackets, we are most interested in styles and not so much the player; so common player, coaches, or even unattributed offerings are preferred…and nobody will pay you more for the ones we want.

In addition to artifacts, we have just approved the budget for 2014 which will enable MEARS to complete the utilization of two additional secure on site storage areas which are ideally suited for processing large collections. Additional funds are being allocated to complete curating of all museum space on the second floor as well as special exhibit space on the third floor; to include the lecture area.

It goes without saying that we could not have done this without the support and confidence of our ever growing list of customers and clients.  To all of you we say thank you making all of this possible and we look forward to helping you achieve your colleting goals in 2014.


Troy R. Kinuen

-President MEARS Auctions

-President MEARS Authentications