First of all, if you are reading this…thank you. Many of you have been with us right from the start and I have always felt that loyality is a two way street. I hope you will take this information that is being made available to MEARS Members only as my way of saying thank you.

Like any project, this one had to begin someplace. I refer to at least this portion of my larger study of Adirondack Professional Model Bats 1950s-1960’s as an update because that is what it is. I took a look at the players and associated models listed in both Bats and the MastroNet Vintage Guide and this has served as point of departure. The biggest advantage I have had over these other two previous efforts is that of time and scope. Bats was published in 1995 and the MastroNet Guide came out in 2001, so even by the later publication date I have been afforded another seven years of material and hobby wide offerings to consider. Also, my scope is much more narrow so I have been able to focus a bit more on the topic at hand.

I bring this up as some may see efforts like this as a veiled attempt to take shots at previous works and authors. Please know this is not the case as I consider that to be unproductive and unprofessional. My point is, that in my experience over the past decade in this hobby/industry, there is a prevalent tendency for collectors to become complacent about research once something has been published. Even worse are those cases and instances when things have just been assumed because “that’s what I’ve always been told.” By and large, all the things I do and write about could be done by just about anyone who is willing to invest the time and some money in references and research. This is not a lecture, but a call to each collector to begin to do original or detailed and expanded research on those things that interest them…and yes, publish what you have found out and subject it to scrutiny of a larger community.

Below you will find new information on over 100 players and 130 associated models. When I looked at both Bats and the MastroNet Guide, I originally found information on some 41 players and some 71 associated models. There is much more information in both of these works, but my effort is only focused the period of the 1950s and 1960s. Why? Because this is the period that interests me and for no other reason. With this updated listing below, the new players and models are the ones show in bold. The * indicates an Adirondack endorser. In cases where no model is shown for the player, the identification as such was the result of their listing in either a catalog, related Adirondack advertising product or image.

With respect to the C&D model bats listed, collectors are encouraged to form their own opinions about what they are or are not. My research does not support the notion that they were offered in the retail catalogs or that they are not made from professional grade lumber (See previous articles on this subject).

Aaron, Henry: 63A, 63B, 82D, 220A, 229A, 289D

*Adcock, Joe: 73V, 94A

Allen, Richie: 246R, 246RA, 194 VP

Alou, Jesus: 234A

Alou, Matty: 113B

*Anderson, Hary: 198A

Aparicio, Luis: 155A

Ashburn, Richie: 137B

Bailey, Bob: 22A

Banks, Ernie: 113A

Battey, Earl: 194A

*Bauer, Hank: 4X, 113A, 04C, 282C

Berra, Yogi: 06A

Blefary, Curt: 230A

Blanchard, John: 57A

*Blatnick, Johny:

*Boone, Ray (Ike): 84C

Boyer, Clete: 57A, 63A

Boyer, Ken: 29X, 100A, 129X

Bench, Johnny: 220A

*Bridges, Rocky: 155

Brock, Lou: 119B, 155B

*Brown, Dick 176A

Burgess, Smokey: 113A

Carew, Rod: 224A, 381B

*Carty, Rico: 331V

Cepeda, Orlando: 76X, 114A, 114B, 153X, 155A, 246A, 307C

Cerv, Bob: 194X

Clendenon, Don: 194VP

Clemente, Roberto: 113A, 129X, 194RW

Colavito, Rocky: 194A, 301D

Cook, Cliff: 168A

*Crandell, Dell: 114A, 79A

*Dark, Al: 129X, 127D

Davis, Tommy: 113A

*Davenport, Jim: 276D

Demeter, Don: 158B

*Doby, Larry:

Dropo, Walt: 135B

*Elliot, Bob:

*Ennis, Del: 72A

*Farley, Bob: 113A

Flood, Curt: 236B

Foiles, Hank: 113A

*Fondy, Dee: 52C

Ford, Whitey: 24C

Furillo, Carl: 118A

Fox, Nellie: 156B

*Garagiola, Joe: 73A, 73B

*Geiger, Gary:

*Green, Len

Groat, Dick: 94A

Haller, Tom: 245X

Harrelson, Ken: 63A

*Harrington, Mickey: 04V

*Hamner, Granny:

Hansen, Ron: 82V

*Harper, Tommy: 320B

*Hart, Jim: 332A, 332C

Held, Woodie: 192HE

*Hemus, Solly:

*Hodges, Gil: 106, 106A, 106E, 123, 123C

Howard, Elston:

Howard, Frank: 194A

*Hunter, Bill: 88D

Jackson, Reggie: 170B, 288A, 288RJ, JAX44

Johnson, Deron: 310X

Jones, Cleon: 194X, 194VP

*Jones, Willie: 58A

Kaline, Al: 21B, 21C, 89K, 113A, 210C, 225K

*Kanehl, Rod: 04C

Killebrew, Harmon: 21C, 146B, 176A, 194VP

*Kirkland, Willie: 201B

Kluszewski, Ted: 129A

Kranepool, Ed: 194A

*Kubek, Tony: 113B, 114A, 197B, 215C

Kuenn, Harvey: 143C

*Landis, Jim: 243A, 282C

*Larker, Norm: 011E, 011B, 011C

*Lemon, Jim:

Linz, Phil: 89A

*Lipon, Johnny:

Mantle, Mickey: 63A, 89B, 113A, 206A, 288C, 288D

Maris, Roger: 124A, 135RM, 307C, 307D

Martin, Billy: 72A

*Martin, J.C.: 309D

Mathews, Eddie: 63X, 79A, 94X, 113A

*Mays, Willie: 63A, 113A, 282A, 282C, 282D, M63

Mazeroski, Bill: 113A, 194A

*McAnany, Jim:

McCarver, Tim 113B

McBride, Ken: 288C

*McCovey, Willie: 113A, 155A, 160B, 194A, 216D, 246A, 288RJ

McDougald, Gil: 72A

Motta, Manny: 257B

Morgan, Joe: 369B

Musial, Stan: 15B, 15C, 15D, 15V, 57B, 73B

Niarhos, Gus: 137B

Niekro, Phil: 194VP

*O’Connell, Danny

Oliva, Tony: 176A, 194A

Oliver, Nate: 303C

*Pearson, Albie: O3C

Pepitone, Joe: 225A

Piersall, Jimmy: 113A

*Pinson, Vada: 018VP, 192A, 194VP, 018D

Robinson, Brooks: 160B, 210A, 320A, 320B

Robinson, Frank: 170A, 194VP

Robinson, Jackie: 111A

Rojas, Cookie: 79A

*Rollins, Rich: 314D

Reese, Pee Wee: 136B

Rose, Pete: 69A, 113A, 113X, 269A

*Roseboro, John: 224A, 318 V

*Santo, Ron: 113B, 305C

*Schofield, Dick: 208B

Schoendienst, Red: 52A, 94A, 256 B

*Shepard, Jack:

Siebern, Norm: 73A

*Sievers, Roy: 282C

Sims, Duke: 149A

Skowran, Moose: 194X

Smith, Bob: 113B

*Smith, Hal:

Snider, Duke: 187A

*Spencer, Daryl: 100A

Stargell, Willie: 194VP, 194X, 303X

Staub, Rusty: 265B

Stephens (Vern or Gene) 282C (Vault Marked by H&B as J56)

Stuart, Dick: 113X

Tasby, Willie: 21C

*Tappe, Elvin: 113B

Taylor, Bob (Hawk): 138A, 169A

*Torre, Joe: 94A, 129A

*Thomas, Lee:

*Thompson, Bob:

Veale, Bob: 129A

*Wertz, Vic: 185A

Williams, Ted: 175A

White, Bill: 94A, 224A

Wills, Maury: 194B, 240B

If you have an Adirondack bat from the 1950s or 1960s that does not appear on this listing, I would love to hear from you so that it may be added to a latter update. This has been a wonderful project and I am deeply indebted to collector Joe Petrole for his passion on this subject and his willingness to share information. My work on the history of the McLaughlin-Millard Company is moving a bit slower than I had hoped, but I did manage to speak with Hal Schumacher’s (Director of Sales: late 40s to 1950s) former executive secretary. She has been a delight to correspond with and this area I would to be able to devote more attention to in the future.

As always, collect what you enjoy and enjoy what you collect… and oh yea, consider enjoying researching and writing…if you do, you will find you enjoy what you have even more.


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