While recently attending a small card show in Green Bay, WI, I uncovered a set of 5 previously unpublished color snapshots from an unidentified photographer featuring the Green Bay Packers. Each image when independently evaluated told a story that could aid in the authentication of Packers memorabilia.

1. Image 1: A fan was holding a sign, which said “GREEN BAY PACKERS 1961 CHAMPS”. These pictures are most likely from the 10 Dec 1961 game or 9 Dec 1962 contest. The fans were all wearing San Francisco 49ers caps and team colors. Thus, we know the game was played in California.

2. Image 2: Coach Lombardi with Phil Bengston on sidelines at Kezar Stadium. Each coach is dressed in street clothes, and Coach Lombardi donning his trademark mole hair full length coat. The Packers on the sidelines were dressed in their white road jerseys. Players also had the option of wear lightweight yellow sideline jackets.The presence of the still green trees in the background also indicate this is not a shot from Lambeau Field in December.

3. Image 3: 17 Packers players including Paul Hornung can be seen surrounding Coach Vince Lombardi. Close examination of the jerseys allow for detailed viewing of the sleeve striping color, pattern and length, shoulder and jersey numbering (front and reverse), shoulder yoke material and cut, helmet design and application of stenciled numbering on reverse, design and color of pants, and neck piping /color pattern.

4. Image 4: Beside the background shot of referee with orange, white, and black stripes uniform, researchers get a front side view of Bart Starr. Great close-up of jersey features including sleeve length and striping, shoulder yoke, and a detailed close-up of the font of the front #15.

5. Image 5: Photo taken later in the game as players are covered in mud. Also allows for additional views for examination of the jerseys.

The 1962 Packers beat the New York Giants 16-7 in the title game for their 8th NFL Championship. This set of previously unexamined photographs allowed fans to view one game on the road to the title.


Troy R. Kinunen