October 15th, 2014

There is a new BUZZZZZZZZZZ at MEARS. We recently completed a very special private signing with 20th Century Fox Legend David Hedison, the lead actor in the sci-fi movie, “The Fly”.

The movie tells the story of a scientist Andre Deambre (David Hedison) that is found dead with his head and arm crushed in a hydraulic press. His wife confessed to murdering the beast, but when the police investigate, the crushed monster had the head of a house fly. Later, during the climatic ending, the transformed fly is found with the scientists head, yelling “Help Me!”.

On October 15th, 2014, we contracted with actor David Hedison for a private autograph signing. The 87 year old actor agreed to sign a very special limited edition 16×20 of his character from the movie. In addition, (100) trading card sized photos were signed. The photos will be verified via an official David Hedison hologram that verifies the date of the signing. The expert staff of JSA will also authenticate the items and include their company’s hologram, further documenting the signing. The cards were signed in near mint blue sharpie and turned out wonderfully. Mr. Hedison nailed the signing, changing pens after several signatures, and the custom 16×20 images are like miniature works of sci-fi art. We are glad to add this image to our portfolio.


Troy R. Kinunen