The lead-off segment of the Shirt will cover MLB patch variations. This is pertaining to patches used on MLB uniforms, not game-issue visavis souvenir versions.

1984 White Sox…the team wore the 6/46 patch as a memoriam for the 1983-84 offseason deaths of coaches Charlie Lau (6) and Loren Babe (46). Worn on the left sleeve, the original version featured embroidered numbers and a raise black rim around the patch. A subsequent MLB version dropped the black rim, and featured the numbers in a heat-transferred set of numbers.

1994 125th Anniversary: In addition to the standard version, two others exist: a french-language design for the home Montreal Expos jerseys, and a Cincinnati Reds version (home and road) with a team photo of the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings.

1997 Jackie Robinson Breaking Barriers patch: The 50th Anniversary logo for Jackie’s first MLB game had three versions aside from the basic design: a type with the Dodgers team name included for Robinson’s old team; a French language version for 1997 Expos home knits; and a teal-and-black version for the teal-and-black uniforms of the Florida Marlins. Oddly, a dealer had recently placed on eBay a Florida road shirt of coach Tony Taylor with the wrong design on it.

2001 American League Centennial patch: While the Junior Circuit now has 14 teams, they originated with 8, four of whom have different city identities than back in 2001 (Yankees, Orioles, Twins and Athletics). Those four clubs, plus all the expansion squads from 1961 on, wore the standard version of the patch. The four teams who were original members and never relocated (White Sox, Tigers, Red Sox and Indians) all wore a version with an added inscription, “Charter Member”.


The follow-up to my bulletin board post on getting a cap from Cubs coach Ivan DeJesus that was promised deals with the cap band tagging. The New Era and size tags are now black and white, as opposed to the blue/white combo used mid-2005 to 2007. The exemplar is from his road Cubs cap.


A late patch note for hockey: The WWW memoriam patch for William W. Wirtz worn by the NHL Chicago Blackhawks also was worn on the sweaters of their minor league affiliate, the Rockford Ice Hogs.


Just saw an eBay item (with alleged team employee provenance) that was an embarrassment to the intelligence of even a beginning game-used collector. The item was an alleged late 1970’s Yankees home jersey of Reggie Jackson…with no collar strip tagging, and a Wilson tag in the collar citing the jersey as a size 38! (Maybe Reggie wore it in Junior High). Useless, of course, to a game-used collector…but not totally worthless. While it’s obviously too flawed to be a Yankees gamer, it would fit the bill nicely if one were looking for a quality-made jersey for Reggie to sign at a card show appearance. Something worth considering if you get stung with a bad jersey, and the sting is only a mosquito bite, and not a scorpion attack.


Although the time/date hasn’t been decided on yet, Guernsey’s Auction House has a prime piece of Red Sox memorabilia to soon be auctioned. Sports Collectors Daily reported that the 1912 World Series trophy issued to Red Sox player-manager Jake Stahl has been consigned by his family for auction. Rare and historically significant, this one bears watching.


This past May 16th, in 1965, saw a unique 2-for-1 on firsts for a Baseball Hall of Famer. Jim Palmer won his first MLB game (7-5 over the Yankees) and hit his first MLB home run (off Jim Bouton).


Curtis Whitley, a center for three different NFL teams over 6 years in the 1990s, died at age 39. An autopsy was being conducted, as Whitley had a history of substance abuse problems.