When citing the 1994 and 1998 Cubs jerseys for the above practice in my last article, the Wrigleys are not the only ones with dealers selling “all-original” jerseys with replaced patches. One has to watch for the same thing with 1993 Cleveland Indians gamers. The Tribe wore a memoriam patch in 1993 honoring Steve Olin and Tim Crews, the two pitchers killed in a spring training boat crash. I attended an exhibition game involving the Indians in March, 1994. The Indians were wearing their 1993 gamers and every one I saw had the Olin/Crews patch REMOVED. Given that the patches themselves are readily available, restorations are easy…but they’re often not disclosed at sale time. Also, as a follow-up, one CAN find the MLB125 patches intact on 1994 Russell mesh game jerseys (Majestic made the blue, NNOB BP tops) however, the Cubs never wore these blue mesh, NOB-bearing game jerseys at all…they were sold at team sales, but are game-issued, not game-worn.


The 10th anniversary of Hockey Fights Cancer is this year, and the NHL and MeiGray is giving collectors a chance at a piece of the action. On January 9-11, NHL teams will play games in which team captains will wear a 10th Anniversary Hockey Fights Cancer patch on their sweaters. The gamers will be registered in MeiGray’s authentication program, and will be auctioned on and,com from January 17-31. Good cause, good collectibles.


Kirby Puckett went to spring camp with the Twins, but his glaucoma found him calling it quits in mid-March…but not before the Twins ordered his ’96 game jerseys, never worn, but there nonetheless. Based on the exemplar I viewed, Kirby Puck had at least 4 sets of home and road (there were no blue nor red alternates until the following year).


EBay has a 1992-93 Bulls road jersey of Scottie Pippen up for bid until the evening of January 15. The seller, correctly, does not promote it as a game-worn jersey, hedging instead between “game jersey” and “pro-cut”. What we have here is actually a NBA Commemorative Collection jersey, the 1992 limited edition pro-cuts offered at retail which are tagged, and are only discernable from game-used by small features (fonts, extra length, etc.)
In the case of Pippen (and Michael Jordan, also part of this issue), the telltale clues are in the NOB. No five-inch drop on the NOB, and a non-serifed font. These jerseys DO have collectible value…just not in the realm of a game-worn version.


In the past week, Chicago fans have lost two of their own.

Gerry Staley former MLB pitcher, died at age 87. Both natural causes and kidney problems were cited in different obits. Staley pitched from 1947-61, but is best remembered for being part of the dynamic duo (along with Turk Lown) in the AL Champion White Sox bullpen. His ’59 home World Series jersey would be the most valuable available. Staley is also remembered by autograph collectors. In the 1980s and 90s, autograph requests mailed to him at his Washington State home would come back to fans with a bonus…a 1950’s Cardinals “Dear Friend” team-issued postcard which he would also sign.

Also, Jim Dooley, an organization man for the Chicago Bears for nearly his entire gridiron life, passed away at age 77 due to complications from ALS. He was a receiver for the Bears from 1952-61, afterwards becoming first an assistant coach and then head coach from 1968-71. His coaching stint wasn’t nearly as pleasant as his active playing time, as the Bears failed to finish above .500 in his four years at the helm, going 7-7, 1-13, 6-8 and 6-8. He eventually returned to the Bears in 1980, resuming as an assistant coach.

That’s all, folks…see you next Sunday.