Q: I noticed the black diamond on the left sleeve of 1992 White Sox gamers. Who is it for? (T.N., Illinois)
A: The White Sox honored the Personal Assistant to the Owner, Sheri Berto, and longtime Sox front office employees Don Unferth and Millie Johnson, all of whom passed away during the 1991-92 off-season. A few trivia notes on this logo and related topics:

1) Sheri Berto was similarly eulogized with a black shoulder strap band on 1991-92 Bulls gamers.

2) Ms. Berto, who died unexpectedly during routine surgery, is also remembered to this day by having the Chicago Bulls training facility named after her (Berto Center)

3) The memoriam diamond, while black on the home and road shirts, is silver on the black alternate gamers.

4) The memoriam diamond is actually part of the sleeve (a la the batting bird patch on 1956 St. Louis Cardinals flannels), and is not a patch added to the jersey.

Q: I was told (maybe even by you) that only 1976 White Sox Veeck-style jerseys were issued without flag tagging in the collar. Please explain further. (N.D., New York)
A: While the team’s order of 1976 jerseys from Rawlings were the only ones largely found untagged (although a very few have a set or year flag tag, but not both, as 1976 was the sole year Rawlings used separate flag tags for both), the team’s budget-strapped situation found tagless 1976 jerseys being used, to some degree, all the way up to 1979 spring training). The jerseys ordered in 1977 had collar flag tags (I bought a Richie Zisk road from their equipment guy after Zisk went free agent) and also in 1978 (two Bobby Bonds jerseys were released after the trade, and I ended up with the home example). Still, 1977-78 gamers can come either way,even with the same player in the same year…such was the budget limitations of the Bill Veeck-era White Sox.


Several new jersey styles will be introduced this season…here’s a rundown:

Toronto: The Maple Leafs have two extra styles to wear this year. A tie-front white sweater with the old Leaf logo (serrated edges on the Maple Leaf will be an alternate, as will a white jersey with the logo of the longtime Junior League Toronto Marlboros. This jersey features a logo of a dog holding a hockey stick, with one puck in his mouth and several others in front. The team name will be the abbreviated MARLIES, and the Leafs logo will be a shoulder patch.

Meanwhile, an alternate red Atlanta Thrashers sweater will debut this season. The jersey will feature a stylized yellow team nickname with dark trim, and a white number underneath, also with dark trim. The sleeves will be white and red, while the normal bird head logo will become a shoulder logo.


A number of excellent items in the game-used realm will see auctions in the next few months.

Guernsey’s, whose November auction already has the 1912 Jake Stahl World Series trophy, will add a consignment from one Steve Harshman of Wyoming. His item: the last home run ball ever hit at Yankee Stadium, by Yanks reserve catcher Jose Molina.

Heritage auctions will feature a great piece for Brett Favre collectors: the first game-winning touchdown ball thrown by Favre. It was Favre’s second TD pass overall, but the first to win a particular game. The consignor is the former Packer who caught the passed pigskin, Kittric Taylor.

Not to be outdone, Canada-based Classic Auctions will have the collection of former Montreal Canadiens star Jacques Laperriere.
Numerous items of his, topped by his Stanley Cup ring, will be included.

And, after starting with Yankees memorabilia, let’s finish with it, too. Ironclad Authentics will have numerous game-worn and used artifacts of Orioles 2B Brian Roberts, who had the final at-bat at Yankee Stadium. Included will be the road jersey he wore in that game, as well as his cap, batting helmet, bat, cleats and batting gloves. If you like old or unusual, there’s stuff out there that should pique your interest.


The Portland Trailblazers have two different logos to eulogize popular former Blazer Kevin Duckworth, who died this past off season. A black shoulder strap memoriam band with his number (00) will be worn on game jerseys, while warmup tops and shooting shirts will bear a rectangular patch with DUCK on top and 00 beneath it.


George Kissell, a member of the St. Louis Cardinals organization for over 50 years and a MLB coach as far back as 1969, was killed in an auto accident while his daughter was transporting him. He was 88.

Also, Bruce Dal Canton, a MLB pitcher for 11 years with time on the rosters of the Pirates, White Sox, Braves and Royals, passed away at age 66 due to esophageal cancer. Dal Canton has been a coach in the Braves minor league system for over decade, last in uniform this past May with Myrtle Beach of the Carolina League (high-A) before having to leave due to his health.