While St. Louis Cardinals superfan/supercollector Jeff Scott continues to research the date of use of the 1999 red MBA gamers, he’s found another one-game Cardinals top to share info about.

The Cardinals, as per Jeff, also had an MDA promotion in 1997, complete with special game jerseys. The jerseys, as per some Mets apparel of the same general time frame, carried an MDA patch, this on the left sleeve, as the Jackie Robinson patch was situated on the right sleeve. However, one distinct variance from the norm puts this style beyond the standard MDA-themed unies. It was in 1997 that the Cardinals first opted to remove uniform numbers from the jersey front. As it happened, however, the MDA gamers had a reappearance of the pre-1997 front digits, a variation from the standard 1997 St. Louis home and road attire. Thanks, Jeff, and keep us informed if you land a date on the red 1999 gamers.


The first-ever Hispanic themed NBA gamers have begun making their debuts. The first was a white Lakers uniform worn March 3 with a team name of LOS LAKERS . The following night saw both teams in the Dallas-San Antonio contest wearing Noche Latina unies, as well as the Knicks. The Mavs wore green alternate LOS MAVS threads, the Spurs were LOS SPURS in white tops (even though they were the visiting team), and the Knicks used a Spanish city name front, NUEVA YORK .

This genre bears a Noche Latina patch, Noche Latina tagging above the Adidas labels and a MeiGray tag, as theses will be in their database, and likely be released through NBA Auctions.


Pro sports patch news, with a big assist from dealer Murf Denny:

After two games of wearing black shoulder strap bands, the Bulls have replaced the bands with a right jersey front patch, using Bulls team colors, eulogizing both Norm Van Lier (2) and Johnny Kerr (Red). The strap bands were limited to 2 games usage (one home, one road).

Among patches to be worn in MLB during 2009 are the following:

Twins: Final season at the Metrodome (NOT 40th Anniversary, as earlier reported, as the dome was opened in the early 1980s).
Padres and Royals: Team 40th Anniversary patches.
Cardinals: Host city, 2009 All-Star Game
Mets and Yankees: Inaugural season at their respective new stadiums.

HOCKEY AND BASEBALL BIDDING is auctioning more Rangers and Braves gamers, as well as a number of Yankees BP tops. The Texas threads begin closing at 7PM CST tonight; the Atlanta apparel at the same time Monday evening, and the Yanks wearables at 7PM CST on Wednesday.

Over in the NHL, the league website ( has a number of goodies closing up beginning at 8PM CST on March 12th. Up for bids are Rangers sweaters from Andy Bathgate/Harry Howell Night; Doug Gilmour tribute night Maple Leafs jerseys, and V2 Blues gamers.

ZO’S 33…NO MO’

On March 30th, the Miami Heat will hold a halftime ceremony to retire the #33 jersey worn by Alonzo Mourning. Mourning had a solid career that was interrupted by kidney disease, with a comeback that included a NBA Championship ring with the Heat as Shaquille O’Neal’s backup at center.


Tom Sturdivant, a MLB pitcher who played for 7 different teams from 1955-64, passed away February 28. Sturdivant, 78 at time of death, is best remembered for his 5 seasons (1955-59) with the New York Yankees.

One of the oldest living Negro Leaguers, Curtis “Bingo” Lloyd, passed away late last month at age 99.

George McAfee, Pro Football Hall of Famer, died March 4th at age 90. McAfee played for the Chicago Bears from 1940-41 and 1945-50, serving the three years in between as a member of the U.S. Navy. Drafted from Duke by the Eagles, and immediately dealt to the Bears, McAfee was part of three NFL Championship Bears squads, and had his jersey number 5 retired by the team.

Although athlete spouses rarely make this section, one shall do so here. Colleen Howe, the wife of NHL legend Gordie Howe, died on the 5th due to the effects of Pick’s disease. She was 76. Mrs. Howe acted as her husband’s business manager for much of his career and for his retirement, with her accomplishments including arranging the deal that allowed Gordie to join his sons Mark and Marty with the defunct WHA Houston Aeros.