MEARS: #309094

Title: 1987-89 USC #42 Game Worn Jersey

The jersey was submitted to MEARS for evaluation as a circa 1979-1980 Ronnie Lott USC jersey. There was no accompanying paperwork or worksheet explaining how that opinion was rendered at the time of submission. There was also no supporting documentation detailing the dating of the Goodman tagging. Tagging data is an important component used by MEARS to date jerseys. It can be used in instances to date football and basketball jerseys, which were commonly found during the 1970s era to not have year tags. Tagging examination is also used to verify that the tagging on dated jerseys is original and not altered or switched. Based on the MEARS tagging database of Goodman tagging spanning 45 years and hundreds of examples, we could not conclude this version of the Goodman Tag was consistent with the style of tag that would have been present during Lott’s time at USC.

1982-90 version of Tag found on MEARS #309094, USC #42 jersey

1990s Nolan Ryan (1982-90 tag version)
1982 Valenzueala (1982-90 tag version)
1985 Rod Carew (1982-90 tag version)
1986 Yogi Berra Astros (1982-90 tag version)
1989 Mike Scott Astros (1982-90 tag version)
1980s Tony Gwynn (1982-90 tag version)
1984 Franklin Stubbs Dodgers (1982-90 tag version)

In all of the above cases, with many of these factory-dated jerseys, the Goodman tag was supported as the 1982-90 style. While examining the AMI archived listings, you will see some 1980s dated jerseys with the 1973-81 carryover tagging. It is always possible for an earlier version shell to be used at a later date, not vice versa. Therefore, all available examples of the Goodman tagging support this as being issued to be worn from 1982-90, after the playing career of Ronnie Lott.

History of WA Goodman & Sons tagging

For the purpose of this study, MEARS will examine the WA Goodman & Sons tag design from the two dating periods approximate to the examined jersey.

1. Goodman Tag Version 1: 1973-81
2. Goodman Tag Version 2: 1982-90
3. Goodman Tag Version 2 variation: 1987-93 (Examined jersey has this tagging version)

Version 1: 1973-81 WA Goodman & Sons tag (1973-81)

There are two main points of identification on this 1973-81 version of the Goodman tag.
On all examined examples from the timespan of 1973-81, the phrase “Wash in 120 degree Water With Mild Soap. Do Not Use Detergents, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Tumble Dry” appears on all examined examples. Also, the size indicators are always san serifed. The following is a representative sample of tags found in the MEARS database:

1972 Dodgers road
1973 Dodgers road
1974 Dodgers home
1974 Dodgers Al Downing
1974 McMullen
1975 Garvey
1976 Mets #12
1977 Mets Apolaca
1978 Knapp Angels
1978 Simpson Dodgers
1979 Ryan Angels
1980 Garvey Dodgers
1981 Dodgers World Series

Each of the above listed tags is identical with respect to washing instruction and san serifs size indicator. References are available upon request. The accuracy of this dating is assured since the referenced examples include baseball jerseys which were found with year dates or dated patches.

MEARS has determined that there is a consistency in the manufacturing trends of each company tagging. Examination of our MEARS database chronicles the consistencies of manufacture tagging per label period as it relates across the board to other sports. Meaning, a Rawlings tag-dating era is consistent when used for Football, Basketball, or Baseball jerseys. By determining the dating range of one sport, you can create a like dating range for additional examined sports.

Version 2: 1982-90 WA Goodman & Sons tag (1982-90)

There are also two main points of identification for this 1982-90 version of the Goodman tag. On all examined Goodman & Sons tags from the 1982-90 timespan, the tag reads, “Wash in Lukewarm water”. In all known examples from 1982-circa 1988, the numeric size indicators are found with serifs. This was proven out by over 23 examples from the timeframe. There were two examples during the 1982-1990 timeframe, which was found sans-serifed. These two examples will be discussed later and date to the circa 1988-1990 timeframe. This is an important point as the examined jersey was found sans serifs and this factor indicates the jersey being issued during the post 1988 timeframe. The following is a representative sample of the 1982-90 version of the Goodman & Sons tag found in the MEARS database:

1982 Dodgers Ron Cey
1982 Dodgers Howe
1982 Dodgers Valenzuela
1982 Dodgers Russell
1982 Angels Lynn
1982 Angels Reggie Jackson
1983 Dodgers Brock (patch)
1983 Dodgers Guerro (patch)
1984 Dodgers Marshall (patch)
1984 Dodgers Morales (patch)
1984 Dodgers Stubbs (patch)
1985 Astros Cruz
1985 Angels Benquez
1986 Angels Witt
1987 Astros
1987 Astros
1990 Astros Kerfeld

Additional jerseys from the 1982-90 timeframe support this style of tag as being predominately used during this era. Each of the above jersey could be dated by style, dated patch, or year tag. An enclosure of representative samples of 1982, 1983, 1984 is included.

Version 2a: 1982-90 WA Goodman & Sons tag with sans serif 46-size indicator 1987-1993

(Lack of serifs on the 46 date this tag to 1987-1993)

MEARS research was able to find only two examples of 1982-90 Goodman tags without serifs. The phrase “Wash in Lukewarm water” dates this tag to the overall era of 1982-90. The further examination of the 46 font allows us for more pinpointed year dating. This is important as the examined USC jersey Goodman tag is found with san-serifs. Both examples of the 1982-90 Goodman tags without serifs were dated to the circa 1988-1993. Both examples were of styles that were issued without year tags, so attribution to an approximate era was needed.

4/26/2007 Lot 107 1990s Nolan Ryan Game Worn Rangers home jersey AMI auctions, copy enclosed

10/19/2006 Lot 13 1988 circa Nolan Ryan Game Worn Astros home jersey AMI auctions, copy enclosed

Of all tags researched, the examined USC tag compared quite favorably to the above two jerseys that were baseball examples issued circa 1987 to 1993. MEARS could find no examples of the san serif size indicator on this version of the Goodman tag. MEARS dates the Nolan Ryan jersey to the 1989-1993 era. We date the Nolan Ryan Astros jersey to approximately 1987-88. Our reasoning for this is since it is the only version of the tag found, it may have served as the transition design to the version found on the 1989-1993 style. There is no other documentation to support this, only the two referenced examples. It should also be noted that when examining all of the Goodman manufactured jerseys archived in the American Memorabilia Auction website which were offered for sale, every sold example supported the dating range and design of the MEARS Goodman identified tags.

Relationship between WA Goodman and USC circa 1973-1990

Sale date: 7/8/04 – Goodman 1970s U.S.C. Trojans Football Game Worn Sideline Jacket (AMI)

Sale date: 07/19/2007 – Goodman Early ’80s Marcus Allen Game-Worn USC Jersey (AMI, Lot 43)

Sale date: 02/08/07 – Goodman 1981 Marcus Allen Game-Worn USC Jersey w/Great Use (AMI, Lot 16)

Sale date: 09/21/06 – Goodman 1981 Marcus Allen Game-Worn, Signed USC Jersey (Great Use w/Repairs) (AMI, Lot 6)

www.collegejersey.com Goodman 1989 Home #94 (mesh shell, similar 4)

www.collegejersey.com Goodman 1987 Home #30 (mesh shell)

www.collegejersey.com Goodman 1992 Home #52 (mesh shell, spandex side panels)

www.collegejersey.com Goodman 1990 Road #35 (fishnet shell)

With the introduction of the 1970s USC Goodman supplied sideline jacket (1973-81 tag style) and the 1990 USC road jersey offered by College Jerseys website, it has been established that Goodman supplied USC with jerseys at various times from circa 1973 to 1990. The images supplied by the www.collegejersey.com did not allow for evaluation of the tag.

Visual Examination of USC jerseys from 1979-1990

1981 Getty Image style match
1982 Getty Image style match
1983 Getty Image style match
1984 Getty Image style match
1985 Getty Image style match
1986 Getty Image (fish net) – excluded as choice
1987 Getty Image (fish net) – excluded as choice
www.collegejersey.com Goodman 1987 Home #30 (mesh shell)
1988 Getty Images 1786160 with Patch – excluded as choice
1989 Getty Images Ax930644 fishnet – excluded as choice
www.collegejersey.com Goodman 1989 Home #94 (mesh shell, similar 4)
1989 Getty Images 2865682 fishnet – excluded as choice

Copies enclosed of the above style references. 1987 & 1989 found the USC jerseys supplied both as mesh and fishnet. Examination of the 1989 Home #94 showed strong similarities to the numeral four fonts.

Conclusion: Based on the style of the jersey 1981-1989, and the second era Goodman tag (1982-90 with 1987-93 serif variation) MEARS attributes this jersey to the 1987-89 timeframe, supplied by Goodman, to be worn by USC. In order to attribute this jersey to the 1977-1980 era that corresponds with the playing career of Ronnie Lott, an authentic sample of this version of the Goodman tag would have to exist.

Additional References:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RODl3wYZ_W4 4:30/9:43

MLB Game Worn Jerseys of the Double-Knit Era (1970-2007) Fourth Edition, by: William F. Henderson