While I am always glad to see collectors using the information we provide, folks need to have a clear understanding of what they should be looking for with respect to a MEARS evaluated product.

When considering buying a MEARS evaluated item, you should see three things with it:

A Worksheet

A Signed Letter of Opinion

A MEARS Hologram

The Worksheet: A worksheet for an item is just that and its only purpose is to facilitate the gathering of information that is to be used in forming and supporting an opinion. There is a Albert Pujols jersey currently listed on E-Bay that includes MEARS in the title as well as showing a “Photocopy” of a “Portion” of the MEARS worksheet. As you can see from the example provide,that when compared to a complete back side of the worksheet, the back page of the Pujols’ worksheet has been cropped.

What is missing from this the final grade and the signature of the person who did the worksheet for MEARS. You will notice that the top line of the E-Bay worksheet reads:

“Jersey Grading and Authneti” when it should read:

Jersey Grading and Authentication Official Worksheet

The Letter of Opinion and Hologram for the item you are looking at need to match. MEARS maintains a searchable data base for MEARS Members so they can cross reference and check this information. Of course, over time, letters do get lost and a hologram may come off, but please don’t bid on something simply because it has the name MEARS in a listing or reference. Many collectors feel very comfortable in purchasing a MEARS evaluated item because of our Buyer Protection Program. However, when an item is missing the hologram, we are without the proof required to substantiate a claim that the item offered is the same one we looked at.

We have always encouraged collectors to do their own research and form their own opinions with respect to the items they look to add to their collections. That is why our process and products are set up the way they are…so you can see things for yourself and then make an informed purchase decision.

If you are considering bidding on this Pujols jersey or others that seem to be lacking or have problems with either the worksheet, Letter of Opinion, and or Hologram, please ask the seller about them and inform them of what you are looking for and why.

As always, collect what you enjoy and enjoy what you collect.


For questions or comments on this article, please feel free to drop me a line at DaveGrob1@aol.com