I suspect there are a number of you who still remember black & white television and tests of the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS). The EBS was intended to serve as a vehicle by which the government could communicate National emergency information to the nation over the television and radio air waves. To ensure the system functioned as intended, programing would be interrupted with test audio and images. I always found it annoying.

It appears for many of you, you experienced something very similar while visiting the MEARS Auctions home page yesterday. A menu button was added to the site for the “Store” and if you clicked on it, you were directed to an extensive listing of some fantastic items at some incredible prices. Unfortunately, unlike those EBS notifications, there was nothing presented to inform the viewer that “This Was a Test.” Yesterday the web developers unintentionally brought the store function live as part of the migration of sales items and archived data to this new site function and for that, MEARS apologizes. As the site moves toward completion, a timeline will be provided as well as a more detailed explanation of the new sections and functions of the site.

The long term concept is that all MEARS related information and services including:



-Editorial Content

-Retail Sales

-Display & Presentation Products

-New Product Lines/Advertising

-Seminar Information and Special Events

-Employment Opportunities

will be migrated and housed on a single page. What you saw yesterday, was that effort in progress. While MEARS is very excited about this continued growth, we were less than excited that this was brought to your attention in this manner, and for that we apologize.