This is not much of an article with respect to length, but it I went with it anyway because it is response to a question that was posed to me. The answer is visual in nature, so much better here than as Board Post. The question:

“I am starting a patch collection and I really like the All Star game and World Series patches a lot. When I go on ebay, I see things like a 1939 World Series patch or ones from 1977. I am a Yankees fan but I know they did not where those patches in the World Series. What was the first year that clubs really began using the patches on the there uniforms?”

Very fun question and I agree, patches can make a uniform or make for a great collecting theme. With respect to the question at hand, the answer depends on the definition of the word “teams.” If teams means a single team then the answer is 1987 and it would be the St. Louis Cardinals. If teams (plural possessive) then you have to go to 1988 and this would be the Dodgers and the A’s.

About a month ago I bought the MLB World Series DVD collection for my reference library. I wish this had come out long ago, before I started buying up single games or teams. Never the less it was a great investment. In looking at the footage for 1987, you will clearly see that the Twins did not wear the World Series patch while the Cardinals did. The footage for 1988 shows both the A’s and the Dodgers wearing the post season offering.

This question also underscores an important point; that being the availability of after-market event patches. It is calls to mind the number of great flannels I have looked at over the years and a number of them have been alleged to be “his world series jersey.” The thing that always gets me is the jerseys by and large were incredible offerings whether they where “World Series” jerseys or not. Some proved to be clearly not worn in the World Series, others could have been, and others proved to be jerseys that could not even be substantiated to having been worn by the player or even being a major league quality product. The advent of the after-market patches creates just one other facet of collecting that folks should consider and educate themselves on before spending money.

As always, collect what you enjoy and enjoy what you collect.


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